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IncParadise Review: Is It Right For You?

IncParadise Review

Welcome to our quick and concise IncParadise Review where we take you through their best features and overall pricing structure. To start this shindig off, let’s talk a little about their history and focus.

IncParadise opened its doors in 2001 to provide incorporation services in all 50 states, but with a focus on Nevada incorporation.

Why Nevada? While other states impose a dizzying number of business taxes, Nevada doesn’t – no corporate, personal, unitary, or estate tax, etc. In addition, Nevada has strict privacy and asset protection and a business-friendly law system. As a Nevada-based incorporator, IncParadise takes control of the entire process, streamlining requirements and the necessary paperwork to get incorporated fast. Let’s dive in.


what you need to know about IncParadise

IncParadise top features

four considerations

  1. If you compare the service pricing of IncParadise versus IncFile, the former incorporation provider charges more. With IncFile, you can easily incorporate with just $49 plus the state fee for the specific state.
  2. Most of the additional services provided by IncParadise comes at an additional price on top of the incorporation processing fee.
  3. The Registered Agent service for IncParadise comes at $89 for one year. With our favorite provider, IncFile, this is actually free.
  4. There is no real-time tracking option. Although you’ll receive notifications from IncParadise, there’s no way to personally monitor.


IncParadise Pricing

Now typically we like to put plenty of gorgeous screenshots in this section, but IncParadise is very straightforward. Below is a screenshot to show you how they organize their prices based on incorporating as an LLC in Nevada. IT shows you what you can expect, regardless of the state you choose. Although prices will differ as some of their services are free in Nevada.

Nevada LLC IncParadise

And that pretty much does it. As you can see they do a fair amount, and you aren’t forced into service bundles. Bust listen, no kidding, in terms of Nevada they’ve got an amazing network in-place, they’re experts at local and county regulations/policies, and they’re going to be as efficient as it gets. Nevada’s their home turf.


You should use IncParadise if:

The Final Verdict?

So what it comes down to is, if you’re incorporating in Nevada visit IncParadise as they’re likely your best option. They’re going to be hard to beat in terms of specialization.

However, if you’re incorporating in any of the other 49 states you should consider IncFile, who charges just $49 + state fee.

IncFile Or IncParadise

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