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IncParadise REVIEW

(Pros, Cons, Pricing, Features & More)

IncParadise LLC ReviewAre you curious about incorporating in Nevada but aren’t sure what’s involved or which business formation service you should use? We’ve got you covered!

In this article we’re looking at IncParadise, an incorporation service that focuses specifically on Nevada. One of the few states without staggering business taxes – no corporate, personal, unitary or estate. They also have strict privacy rules, asset protection and a business friendly legal system.

Our IncParadise review looks at their overall formation services, pricing scale, important features and even some customer testimonials to see how they stand up against competitors in the industry. When it comes to Nevada, they’re hard to beat, but let’s dive in!

Some Pros & Cons of IncParadise


  1. IncParadise knows Nevada on state and local levels so they can quickly navigate regulations and policies enabling them to complete the process much more efficiently and cost-effectively as compared to other national incorporation companies.

  2. No hidden fees or charges, as long as you know what you’re doing and purchasing. Too many people refuse to get the specifics out of laziness. Don’t let that be you!

  3. They’re outfitted and designed to become reliable support with their clients and help them over the long term far beyond incorporation.

  4. If you incorporate in Nevada with IncParadise, business documents like minutes of initial directors meeting, operating agreements, bylaws, etc., are free.

  5. They provide a comprehensive Corporation/LLC kit that’s well put together.

  6. With IncParadise, you can personally contact either the office manager or the owner, John Vanhara himself. How’s that for customer service? Sometimes it’s nice dealing with smaller companies vs. the behemoths.


  1. If you compare IncParadise vs IncFile pricing, IncParadise charges $70 more. With IncFile, you can easily incorporate for just $49 plus state fees, but you won’t get the kind of support or Nevada specialization IncParadise offers.

  2. The Registered Agent service for IncParadise comes at $89 for one year. With a service like IncFile it’s free the first year.

  3. There’s no real-time tracking option. You’ll receive notifications from IncParadise, but there’s no way to personally monitor your progress (although you may be too busy anyway sorting out the details of your new business).

IncParadise Pricing & Features

Pricing and FeaturesUnlike many of its competitors, IncParadise has one centralized package which allows customers to add services if necessary. Their introductory package costs $194, which covers:

  • Nevada state filing fee.
  • Stamped copy of your articles.
  • Name availability check.
  • Preparation costs
  • Filing Articles of Incorporation and mailing them to you directly.

They also throw in important documents like bylaws, stock certificates, meeting minutes, as well as reminders for annual renewals in you’re interested in forming a corporation instead of an LLC.

What's inside Incparadise

Outside of this they offer several other services, for example Registered Agents Service, or Service of Process, at three different prices.

If you prepay for several years in advance, you can get this handled for as little as $39. In general, it’s $59. But, you can also opt for their Lifetime subscription, which they offer for $499 paid once, which is great for those looking to form a longterm relationship.

Outside of registered agents, they also have packages for virtual offices, LLC & Corporation kits, DBA’s and EIN’s.

IncParadise Customer Reviews

IncParadise reviews are pretty scattered over a few different sites including Google, Yelp and their business Facebook page.

Although there aren’t too many of them, the ones we did find were overwhelmingly positive. But rather than just taking our word for it, see for yourself!

Google Reviews


Yelp Reviews

IncParadise Yelp Reviews

How Does IncParadise Compare?

IncParadise ComparisonNo doubt the last 16’ish years have been great for the company, but IncParadise isn’t way out of the norm for the industry. Aside from their Nevada focus, they offer a suite of services and solutions perfectly-suited for their customer base which are entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses.

Pitted directly against some of the larger competitors like IncFile & Harbor Compliance, they can seem a little underwhelming.

Although they definitely have a great track record with customer service, there are other services like Harbor Compliance who consistently receive high marks as well. And when compared to rockstars like IncFile, is easy to see that their $49 basic package is more cost effective than others on the market.

With that being said though, if you’re in Nevada, and you’re looking for a service that knows the area and the regulations, inside and out, IncParadise is exceptional. They dropped their membership for BBB in 2003, but have still retained the high standards that put them on the map in the first place.


  • Pricing Starts at

  • 100,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone starting a business on a budget and need quick formation

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  • Pricing Starts at

  • 11,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone looking to incorporate in Nevada & want specialists to handle everything

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Harbor Compliance
  • Pricing Starts at

  • 10,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone wanting top-to-bottom formation and ongoing compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely! You always have the option of forming a business yourself. If this is more your style, feel free to check out our free step-by-step How to Form an LLC and How to Form a Corporation guides that walk you through the process. Is it riskier? Sure, it can be without a business attorney, but lots of people take the DIY approach.


Like most of their competitors, their filing times are wholly dependent on the state you're setting up shop in. Since their expertise is Nevada, all of their filing times will reflect the regulations for that state in particular.


Unfortunately, right now there’s no discounts available. That being said, they do offer sweet deals and free services included in their basic package like free expedited filing, and lots of stuff if you’re forming a corporation.


All refunds must be requested in writing which you can send as email, fax or by mail. If you cancel before a name check’s been processed, you’ll receive a complete refund excluding a $25 processing fee.

If the name check’s been completed but the documents haven’t, expect a $50 processing fee. And, if the formation documents have been created but not yet sent off, you'll receive a refund excluding a $75 fee. After this point, all services are nonrefundable as they’ve been sent off to the state.


Not really, but there are some things to be aware of. IncParadise has done a pretty good job of making their pricing easy to understand. But their package isn’t like some of the others on the market, like IncFile or Harbor Compliance, where extra features are added in with different packages.

While IncFile offers their Registered Agent service for free for one year, IncParadise charges a $59 dollar fee. Their package covers the basics of formation. After that point, any additions will cost you extra.


Nope! The industry standard is that the provider (in this case IncParadise) will serve as the ‘incorporator’ on your behalf. Meaning they’ll sign all documents as such when sending them off to the state for approval.


IncParadise complies to all the industry standard business practices to prevent unauthorized access and maintain data accuracy. It’s no different really than working with any legitimate company online. Is it 100% safe? No. Nothing is.


You bet! They’re support personnel is easy to reach via phone, email, and livechat. If you’re in the area, you can also stop by their office in Las Vegas to sit down and talk face to face with anyone, even the owner himself.

Should You Use IncParadise?

If you intend on incorporating in Nevada, yeah, they are a fantastic option. But hey, we're not going to make this decision for you!

So here's what we'd suggest, use the links below to pay IncParadise a visit and compare them to your other options. We've created an overview of the top formation services and how they compare to each other.

Visit IncParadise Or Visit Other Options