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Incorporate Fast Inc. Review: Is It Right For You?

Incorporate Fast Inc. Review

Welcome to our Incorporate Fast Inc review where we quickly take you through their platform, features and package pricing to see if they’re the partner you need through the incorporation process. To begin, here’s the skinny:

Incorporate Fast Inc helps brands become official fast! Since they opened their own doors in 2002 they’ve helped form over 25,000 businesses. Their industry knowledge, experience, and established professional relationships help deliver guaranteed results to their growing clientele.


What you need to know

Incorporate Fast Inc. Pros

Incorporate Fast Inc. Cons


Incorporate Fast Inc. Pricing

Incorporate Fast Inc. has three incorporation packages: BASIC, DELUXE, and PREMIUM. The difference between the packages is that the Basic one doesn’t include a custom Operating Agreement, a resolution to open a bank account, and membership and stock certificates. While all three are free in the Deluxe and Premium packages.

For a more detailed comparison of each of the packages and its corresponding inclusions and pricing, refer to the diagram below.

Incorporate Fast Inc Pricing

In addition, requesting a federal EIN is an add-on service in the Basic package, while it’s free in the Deluxe and Premium. The corporate book and corporate seal are free in the Premium package, but require an additional fee in the Basic and Deluxe packages. Not too shabby.


Use Incorporate Fast If…

It’s a fact that no matter how good an online incorporation provider might be, there are always specific needs to your business that may or may not conform to the provider’s services. Check below for an idea of who should and should not use Incorporate Fast.

Final Verdict?

So listen, if you want to give them a shot and a couple minutes of your time then jump on over to and see if they’re the right company to partner with.

If you'd like another rock-solid option then take a gander at what IncFile offers in all of their packages with a less expensive price tag to boot!

IncFile Or Incorporate Fast

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