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A Good Service? ReviewDoes your new business require licenses and permits, but you’re not quite sure where to even get started?

You’re reading this business license service review to see whether it’s worth using. Good for you! Such a wise decision to do your homework on this part of the entrepreneurial process.

We’re going to go through some pros and cons, see how much it costs and what you get, then talk about their customer reviews and how they stack up in the industry. Over the next couple minutes, you’ll know whether they’re the right service for you, or to keep investigating your options. Enjoy! Pros & Cons


  1. They offer a fabulous assortment of free educational resources on their website. From webinars to document libraries and ebooks,’s Learning Center is packed with valuable knowledge covering a broad range of business topics that includes licensing/compliance.

  2. Formed in 1899, no one in the industry can match their incredible longevity. In that time, they’ve helped more than 750,000 customers.

  3. They sport a sterling A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a status they’ve maintained for over forty years.

  4. Will you need other services, perhaps help filing a fictitious business name (DBA) or getting your employer identification number (EIN)? They’ve got you covered, providing a vast array of business services beyond licensing, like incorporation and keeping your company compliant.


  1. All eight customer reviews on are less than positive, mostly referencing service renewal prompts and recurring fees (just read the fine print!). Business License Pricing & Features keeps it simple when it comes to their business license package, offering a flat $99 rate for their services which is an industry standard. Here’s a nice big screenshot from their website that shows the bullet-point perspective. Business License Package

Doesn’t get much simpler! Just the give basic info about your business and they’ll provide you with everything you’ll need in order to acquire licenses, permits, tax forms, etc. In truth, the industry standard is $99 so it boils down to who you trust the most as well as how many of their other services are relevant. Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsAs we mentioned briefly before, has an A+ rating as a BBB Accredited Business. However, their customer reviews are a bit of a mixed-bag. There aren’t many reviews of anywhere else online, and shows a history of customers upset about billing issues, like this one for example:

“I started a business in 2010. I used The Company Corporation as my agent in order to help with processing all of the forms to the State and Federal governments and local municipalities. Within three years, market had changed and I decided to exit the business. Unfortunately, The Company Corporation does not allow one to exit their program once one signs up without paying excessive fees. No other business I’ve ever been associated with does not have an “opt out” feature with the exception of The Company Corporation.”


On the other hand, they have a large volume of reviews that customers leave on their website, which are mostly quite positive. For example:

“I chose because it was a fast and easy way to protect myself and my business. Making the decision to become an LLC was the turning point in the legitimacy and profitability of my company. sends me reminder emails when payments are due so it is easy to remain in good standing with the state.”


Honestly, we’re not that concerned with the critical reviews we found. The vast majority seem to represent customers uncertain about what they were purchasing, then unhappy when they realized they signed up for a recurring service. As long as you read through all the relevant information before you click the “Purchase” button, you should be fine.

How Does Compare? Business License Service ComparisonThey’re a great choice when it comes to business license services. We love how much valuable info is in their online Learning Center and the fact they’ve been open since the 19th century indicates they’re doing something right! Still, no review would be complete without a bit of comparing and contrasting, so let’s take a look at the competition.


  • IncFile’s business license service is quite similar, right down to the $99 price point. One area where the two differ is customer reviews. While doesn’t have many online reviews in general, IncFile has a downright overwhelming number.
  • On ShopperApproved, IncFile sports a whopping 1,300 five-star ratings, compared to 2 one-star reviews. With an average score of 4.8 out of 5 stars, it’s nearly impossible to find a company more popular with their customers.


  • CorpNet takes a different approach to business license services, with three tiers in their packages. The first tier is the $99 standard much like IncFile and offer.
  • However, if you’re willing to spend more to save some hassle, CorpNet will fill out the forms for you for an extra $100. If you want them to, they’ll also fully research and obtain any licenses and permits you might need, which is charged on a case-by-case basis.

In our opinion, any of these three can do a solid job helping your business get licensed properly., IncFile and CorpNet are all well-respected and capable of handling the process. CorpNet is our favorite though because they will complete the forms and do all the research as well. If you can afford it, that opens up a bunch of time for you to focus on what you do best – growing the company!


  • Pricing Starts at

  • 100,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone starting a business on a budget and need quick filing of their licenses

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  • Pricing Starts at

  • 750,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone looking for a company that offers an assortment of free learning resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Their Turnaround Times?

Trust us, we looked, and after digging through their website we’ve determined there are no stated turnaround times for business licensing. This could be because of how variable they are depending on a variety of factors, or because they would prefer you contact their customer support.

How Secure is

According to their online privacy statement, “All information exchanged between our servers and your Web browser is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and is accessible only by designated staff.”

Should I Get an EIN?

Probably so, yes. Most businesses need an Employer Identification Number to be able to file their taxes, not to mention accomplishing a host of other business procedures.

What Comes in the Business License Package?’s business license compliance package includes: an outline of the licenses/permits, all applications and related documents, and detailed filing instructions.

Do They Offer Ongoing Support?

They sure do! offers a wide variety of products and services that apply to, “every state of the small business life cycle,” and they have several tools that assist with ongoing compliance requirements.

Is Right For You?

Overall, is a viable choice. However, we wouldn’t consider them the “best” because of their customer review situation. In terms of licensing, our favorite is CorpNet because they don’t just send forms with instructions, for a fee they’ll fill them out and file them for you too.

That said, use the links below to either dig a bit deeper into or browse your other license service options. Here’s to a prosperous year ahead!

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