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IncNow Review: Is It Actually Right For You?

IncNow Review

Welcome to our IncNow Review where the goal is to quickly go over their platform, their primary services and pricing structure to help you decide if they’re a company you want to partner with to incorporate. First, a quick summary:

IncNow, or Agents and Corporations, Inc., was formed in 1974 primarily as a law firm, and then as a Registered Agent to the law firm’s clients. With growing demand to handle the incorporation process, IncNow decided to offer incorporation services primarily within Delaware.“

To date, IncNow is one a leading providers in the state for LLCs, Corporations, Non-Profits, Limited Partnerships, and more. Simple, hassle-free, and high-quality services with personalized fulfillment. Let’s dive in.


IncNow Pros and Cons

IncNow has been in service for more than 4 decades. Through time, they have helped incorporate thousands of businesses especially in Delaware. In every company however, there are pros and there are also cons.

IncNow Pros

IncNow Cons

  1. They only provide limited mail forwarding services.
  2. We feel some of their add-ons, compared to providers like IncFile, are a bit expensive.
  3. Their Registered Agent service isn’t baked-in. Again, through competitors like IncFile this service is free.


IncNow Pricing and Guarantee

IncNow offers three simple packages for its incorporation services. Each of these packages comes with different features and pricing. The three packages include: Basic, Complete, and Now. For a more detailed look browse the illustration below, then we’ll briefly go over packages.

IncNow Reviews

1) Package 1: Basic LLC

For the Basic LLC package, it includes the following: incorporation processing fee, Registered Agent service fee at $90, Delaware filing fee at $90, and the $9 processing fee. Very inexpensive but very limited in scope as well. Makes you wonder why it isn’t their most popular option.

2) Package 2: Complete LLC

The Complete LLC package is more comprehensive. Aside from the Registered Agent service, this package also includes a 20-page LLC Operating Agreement that is a state requirement by the Delaware LLC Act. For this package, the processing fee costs $118. The option to take advantage of the email document delivery and 1-day business turnaround time is available upon checkout, which could also incur additional costs on top of its price.

3) Package 3: Now LLC

For the Now LLC package priced at $399, you get a Registered Agent service, a 20-page LLC Operating Agreement, an email document delivery service, and a 1-day business turnaround time. For this package, which you can get started right away, the processing fee costs $119.


Partner With Incnow if…

The Final Verdict?

So basically, if Delaware has your name written all over it and you like what you see/hear in this review, then by all means head on over to You’ll likely be glad you did.

That said, if you’d like to open your doors in any other state and would like a provider that’s more extensive, look into IncFile. Startup Savant’s worked with them since we went live and they’re a huge favorite among our readers as well.

IncFile Or IncNow

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