IncFile vs MyCorporation

Which Should You Choose?

IncFile Vs MyCorporationWelcome to our comparison of IncFile vs MyCorporation. Before you choose a service to start your business, it’s best to understand what each service offers. We’re going to dig into their commonalities, differences, packages and pricing. By the end, I’m confident you’ll know which is right for you!


Honestly, these companies have far more in common than not. It’s a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy free market capitalism to make things better for you!

What Sets Them Apart

  • IncFile provides a tracking tool that enables you to monitor the status of your orders in real time.
  • Offers free Registered Agent service for one year in all their packages. MyCorporation also provides this kind of service to their clients but not all of their packages have it.
  • Aside from a one-on-one business consultation, IncFile offers a separate tax consultation service – no additional charge.
  • MyCorporation has a tool called MaintainMyBiz which helps you run your business smoothly.
  • MyCorporation has a community forum that allows you to interact with their community.
  • Offers other services such as online bookkeeping and logo design.


IncFile Pricing

IncFile has three incorporation packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Do note Silver is $20 cheaper than MyCorporation’s basic package. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. Forgive the clunky screenshots, just trying to save you some time here.

Personally I think these prices regardless which package you choose are amazing! And they’re competitive to the entire industry. Have you ever tried to see how much a conventional lawyer would cost, or what it would be like to try and source all these documents yourself, manage to file them on time then stay in compliance? What a nightmare!



Instead of three, MyCorporation has four packages: Basic, Standard, Deluxe and Premium. Compared to IncFile’s Silver package, MyCorporation’s Silver package only has three features. All others are considered add-ons.

In fact, the Standard and Deluxe packages are just one feature apart. Tons of entrepreneurs prefer the Deluxe because of this reason, it’s the most popular among the four. The Deluxe and Premium packages are also just a feature apart.

Which Should You Choose?

When you’re in the process of choosing an incorporation provider, keep two things in mind: price and features, then roll with the features you need most at the price that makes the most sense.

If you try to examine the comparison that we made, there’s no question, IncFile has the edge over MyCorporation. Although MyCorporation has great features, when you put them side-by-side, IncFile is more complete. Plus you’ll save $20 which isn’t such a bad thing.

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