IncFile vs BizFilings Which Is Right For You?

So you’re starting a new business, have decided to incorporate, but don’t have the budget for a lawyer to handle the paperwork? Perhaps the idea of the DIY route is equally unappealing, with all the time and attention to detail required.

Thankfully there are modern filing companies who can incorporate your business for a fraction of the price, securely, and provide the peace of mind you need.

In this IncFile vs BizFilings comparison, we’ll discuss some common features, package options, pricing, and significant differences between the two titans of the online filing industry. Along the way, you’ll discover which is the better route to take given your budget and circumstances. Cheers!

Common Features

Now, as mentioned, IncFile and BizFilings are two of the hottest names in the doc-filing industry. They’re fully capable of handling every step of the incorporation process, requiring only basic company info to get started. Here’s some other commonalities:

1) Both have similar turnaround times and offer rush shipping — in states where available — that decreases processing times to as little as 24 hours!

2) Both companies take your privacy seriously, protecting their websites with Norton Web Security.

3) Both provide services at rates that save you hundreds compared to the cost of conventional law firms.

4) Both sport flawless A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

5) Both include thorough compliance tools that keep you covered throughout the life of your business.

6) With 34 combined years of experience, BizFilings and IncFile work with companies large and small.

7) Both sites have many customer-service options - call, them, or even start an online chat with one of their representatives, right from their websites.

What Sets Them Apart

Of course there are plenty of differences between this dynamic duo, otherwise we wouldn’t need to put together this comparison would we? Let’s examine some ways they differ:

  • IncFile has lower prices on all service tiers (packages) - their $49 base package is among the least expensive in the industry, saving you $50+.
  • BizFilings guarantees their services, “Against filing defects caused by BizFilings for the life of your corporation or LLC.” IncFile only refunds money before payment is forwarded to the state of formation — usually within one business day.
  • BizFilings includes 6 months of registered agent service with every one of their packages, but even more impressively, IncFile includes this service for a full year!
  • IncFile has a fancy real-time tracking tool so you know exactly where your application stands, 24/7/365. BizFilings does send you emails whenever an important step is taken in the incorporation process, but IncFile’s system is freshly updated.

Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsSo, we mentioned their A+ ratings with the BBB, then beyond that, there’s some differences between the way the two companies are represented by their customers via online reviews.

It’s honestly a bit tough to find any reviews of BizFilings, whether positive or negative. While it’s a good sign that no one’s going around trashing them, it’s a bit strange there’s not much in the way of positive testimonials either. We did manage to dig up a couple though:

“BizFilings is a lot like a great silent partner. They do it right the first time and make you feel at ease.” - Simon Cardwell
“The best thing about BizFilings is customer service. There was never a time I didn’t feel well taken care of.” - Michael Thomas
As for IncFile, the easiest way to say it is that customers love them! IncFile has 1,560+ reviews on ShopperApproved, with a very high average score of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Those ratings include nearly 1,300 five-star reviews, and a single lonely one-star review.

Here’s a sampling of what their customers are saying:

“Very happy with They always remind me when things are due, and they take care of everything.” - David B.
“IncFile has been quick and easy from the first time I logged into the website.” - Cassaundra D.
If you place a high degree of importance on customer reviews, you might have just seen the scales tip in IncFile’s favor. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with BizFilings, it’s just that IncFile has an awful lot of customer testimonials backing up their claims.

Pricing Differences

IncFile Starts at $49

Incfile Pricing for LLC

Each package includes a registered agent, incorporation document libraries, order tracking and more. There are some pretty major differences between the three options, which you can check out for yourself below:

Incfile LLC Premium services

Note: The Platinum tier also includes expedited processing, a $100 value.

As with most companies, IncFile’s turnaround times vary by state. Standard processing will run you anywhere from 1 to 8 weeks, but you can expedite it to a matter of days in most states.


BizFilings Starts at $99

Bizfilings LLC packages

As we mentioned previously, BizFilings and IncFile are pretty similar in terms of turnaround times. Like IncFile, BizFilings offers rush processing which can speed up your processing time to just 24 hours in some states. If you’d like to see in detail how the three tiers differ, the following screenshot should help:

Bizfilings Additional LLC Packages

BizFilings has added value for their customers with free extras. These offers can be added to any package, and include two complimentary months of a business mail address, a free 30-day trial of QuickBooks, $50 off a toll-free phone number and more.

Not everyone will need these services, but it’s nice to have the discounts if you’re going to buy those products anyway.

Which Should You Choose?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseBoth IncFile and BizFilings are strong options, and there’s not a whole lot separating the two companies when it comes to quality of service.

If you’re swayed by customer reviews — or want to save $50+ — IncFile might be the best choice. On the other hand, if you need the security of a money-back guarantee, BizFilings probably has a leg up on IncFile.

Whichever one you choose, we’re confident that you’ll be happy with the service you receive. Best of luck and here’s to a prosperous first couple years in business!

Save $50 with IncFile
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