Incfile Annual Report Filing Review

Are They The Best Service?

Incfile Annual Report Filing Review

Does your state of formation require annual reports to stay informed of any changes to your company’s ownership and structure? Annual reports aren’t just a hassle — they’re also vital components for business compliance.

If you would rather not file them yourself, there are plenty of service providers like Incfile that can assist you. But how do you pick the right one?

To supplement your own research, my team and I poured over the details of all the major annual report filing services. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make a fully informed decision for your business.

This Incfile annual report filing review is structured in a way that highlights their major pros and cons, as well as pricing, features, customer feedback and more. Are they the right choice for you?

Pros & Cons of Incfile

Pros of Incfile

  • Incfile’s calling card is great customer feedback. They have thousands of reviews across the web, with excellent average rating scores. Even though they have such a high volume of feedback, it’s still difficult to find many unhappy Incfile clients.
  • Even though Incfile is a relatively young company that formed in 2004, they’ve already served over 150,000 businesses. This is a competitive industry, but Incfile hasn’t had any problems claiming a large corner of the market.
  • They have an online learning center that’s packed with information. While most competitors also have some sort of learning center on their websites, Incfile has many valuable features, including a regularly updated blog, state-specific guides and much more.

Cons of Incfile

  • At $88, their pricing is entirely fair, but it is not the lowest rate in the industry. LegalZoom holds that distinction, and their $35 price point is undeniably impressive.

Incfile Annual Report Filing Review

LegalZoom has the lowest price in the industry for annual report filing and a solid satisfaction guarantee. Read Review


Incfile Annual Report Filing Pricing & Features

With Incfile, you’ll pay a flat fee of $88 (plus state fee) for their annual report filing service. It’s a simple process, and they have a handy progress meter that keeps you informed about how close you are to finishing.

IncFile Annual Report Filing Service Pricing

All you need to do is give Incfile some essential information about your company, like your physical address, the names of your owners, etc. They’ll take it from there, and you’ll receive a hard copy of your annual report once it’s filed with the state.

Of course, because filing times vary by state, you should make sure to request your report from Incfile well before the deadline imposed by your state. Not doing so could result in a loss of good standing.

Customer Reviews

As I mentioned briefly earlier, excellent customer feedback is one of Incfile’s big advantages.

You would have to do some pretty serious digging to come up with more than a small handful of critical reviews, even though there are well over 2,000 reviews available online. Many customers talk about how easy it is to use their services, as well as the helpfulness of their support reps, when writing their positive reviews.

Customer Reviews Section Last Updated 10-26-17

Conclusion: It’s tough to view Incfile’s large volume of highly positive reviews as anything other than a huge point in their favor.

How Incfile Compares

After researching and reviewing every annual report filing service, I’ve developed some favorites. After all, it’s hard not to when some of these providers offer objectively better bargains than others do.

Still, our goal is to determine whether Incfile is a good fit for you, and no one service is going to be the best choice for every entrepreneur.

While Incfile is a great company with lots of unique advantages in their favor, let’s see how they stack up next to one of their top competitors, LegalZoom.

Pricing: LegalZoom has the lowest price point for annual report filing in the industry. At just $35, LegalZoom can save you over $50 compared to IncFile.

Features: The features offered by these two companies are nearly identical when it comes to annual reports. However, there is a significant difference when it comes to customer feedback. Incfile gets fantastic reviews, but LegalZoom’s feedback is much more mixed between positive and critical reviews.

Customer Support: LegalZoom has extended support hours that can be a lifesaver for many entrepreneurs, as they’re open from 8am to 10pm on weekdays, and 10am to 7pm on weekends. While Incfile has more typical service hours (10am-7pm ET M-F), their support agents are a bit more consistent. LegalZoom is such a large company that it would be difficult to maintain a uniformly high level of service across the board.

Experience: While Incfile has plenty of experience, with 150,000+ customers served since 2004, LegalZoom is on another level. They’ve been around since 1999, with a massive customer base of nearly 4 million.

Here's A Quick Visual


Pricing Starts at $35

3 million+ businesses served

Perfect for: Anyone needing an affordable & fast annual report filing


Pricing Starts at $88

150,000+ businesses served

Perfect for: Anyone wanting an annual report filing service with excellent customer reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I File My Own Annual Reports?

You do have that option. If you do choose to file your own annual reports, you’ll need to keep careful track of due dates, follow your state’s rules, etc. A company like Incfile can handle this process for you, leaving you free to focus on actually running your business.

What’s Their Refund Policy?

Whereas some of their competitors offer money-back satisfaction guarantees, Incfile does not. If you cancel or change your order within one business day, they will provide a refund, less a $30 cancellation fee. However, with great customer reviews like they have, I doubt many of their clients ever ask for a refund anyway.

Is My Information Secure?

They enlist the powerful Norton Web Security tool to protect their site from malware, as well as encrypting data transmissions. Plus, Incfile is also covered by, which verifies authentic merchant identities for online purchases.

Does Incfile Offer Ongoing Support?

Absolutely. In their own words, they’ll gladly help you “no matter how long ago you placed your order.”

Should You Use Incfile?

In my opinion, Incfile is worthy of a 4.7/5 score. Their customer reviews are excellent, and they have a solid price point for annual report filing service. That being said, if this doesn’t sound like your perfect fit, check out our Best Annual Report Filing Services review. Cheers!