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Illinois Registered Agent: Everything You Need to Know

Choose a Registered Agent

In the Illinois, all business entities are required to have a registered agent; it’s a key requirement that you have to comply with in order for your state to allow you to operate. Regardless if you’re starting a Corporation or LLC in the state of Illinois, you need to designate and maintain a professional registered agent.

An Illinois Registered Agent, otherwise known as your resident agent or statutory agent is a third party representative that will play a great role as you run your Illinois small business. The main responsibility of your Illinois Registered Agent is to keep everything in check for you so you’ll be able to stay compliant as long as your Illinois startup is operating.

Aside from this, they will help you maintain your business reputation, recording all important information for you. Your agent will also accept and receive mails and documents, sort them out and alert you of anything that needs immediate attention. When hiring an Illinois Registered Agent, you need to make sure that every candidate meets the following requirements:

You can also set some requirements and standards of your own. Consider the registered agent’s experience, track record and efficiency by reading reviews and client feedback. If you’re still wondering why you need an Illinois Registered Agent, here are 5 solid reasons that will help you understand why.


Illinois Registered Agent Requirements and Restrictions

When hiring a Registered Agent in Illinois, there are state-specific requirements and restrictions you must observe. These requirements should be fulfilled by every business operating in the state, both domestic and foreign.

These include: (1) An Illinois Registered Agent can be a natural person or a domestic or foreign business entity provided that the business is registered to transact in the state. (2) A street address within the state must be provided (a P.O. Box is unacceptable). (3) The Registered Agent must be present at the Registered Office during business hours to accept service of process and legal notifications.

As the position of the Registered Agent is quite sensitive, not only state-mandated qualifications should be taken into consideration. The reliability of your agent should also be of importance. When you hire an Illinois Registered Agent, include in your criteria list factors such as credibility, track record, and reliability.


5 Reasons Why You Need an Illinois Registered Agent

1) Long-term Representation

The main role of an Illinois Registered Agent is to provide representation to your startup for the long term . They enable you to concentrate solely on managing your Illinois small business so you can lead it to success. Registered agents are tasked to receive, sift, prioritize and notify business owners of legal notices and mandates to the right people.

Generally, an Illinois Registered Agent will make your business life easier by taking care of this aspect of your business. There’s nothing else you need to worry about, except running your business as best as you can because your agent will handle important documents for you.

2) Privacy and Business Reputation

Lawsuits are served in the form of service of process notices which will be carried by local law enforcement to your business address. Imagine police officers bringing this document to your doorstep or establishment, this will definitely be a big blow to your business’s reputation.

However, if you have an Illinois Registered Agent, you can list your agent’s street address or office address within the state as your business address so service of process notices or other important documents are redirected to his/her office instead of yours.

3) Pertinent Documents Received Promptly

Since your Illinois Registered Agent’s office is open from Monday to Friday during business hours, your documents and mail will be received promptly and you’ll be notified of pertinent paperwork that need your attention. Your agent will also save you from going through bulk mail, reading and comprehending what your letters are saying.

4) Free Time

If you want to take a break and go on a vacation to release all your stresses or you simply want to focus on some other things related to your business, you can always do so anytime because you have an Illinois Registered agent who will watch out for you.

Trust your registered agent to continue taking care of your documents and mail for you. He/she will give you a call or send you an email if there’s anything that you need to work on.

5) Compliance Purposes

Most entrepreneurs neglect this function of a registered agent. Helping business owners with their compliance requirements is part of the scope of practice of your Illinois Registered Agent. As you know, getting compliance documents and processes done is not easy and it can even be very stressful.

Whether it’s renewing your state licenses and permits, paying your state taxes, filing reports – your Illinois Registered Agent can help you with all these. You can even commission him/her to work on additional documents for you, with added cost.

The state of Illinois requires that you comply with state laws and designate a registered agent for your business. However, you are given the freedom to hire an Illinois Registered Agent of your choice. When hiring a registered agent, make sure that you hire a competent one because if not, you’ll encounter several problems which include absenteeism, tardiness and obsolete information.

If you fail to designate a registered agent, this can cause a negative impact to your business reputation. You may have difficulties applying for loans, attracting investors and filing legal cases. In worst case scenario, your entity status may even get revoked and you won’t be able to continue operating your business.

Make sure to hire someone who truly cares about their job and your company – a registered agent who will go above and beyond his/her incremental duties.


Getting an Illinois Registered Agent

Get a Registered AgentBefore you choose a Registered Agent or Registered Agent service for your business, do your research. One very important thing that you have to remember is credibility. A Registered Agent must always be efficient because they will be at the forefront of your business.

Aside from this, you also have to look into if a Registered Agent has a legitimate working office because legal documents are usually delivered from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday so you have to make sure that the agent you choose has this. These are just some suggestions, at the end of the day, the decision is up to you.

Get a Reliable Registered Agent

Both services will act as your Registered Agent and handle all legal notifications from the state on your behalf.

IncFile (for $99) or LegalZoom (for $159)

Please note that this guide is not legal advice and is for informational purposes only. If you have any specific questions about your business, speak with a local professional. If you are looking for a Registered Agent service, most LLC filing services offer one.

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