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Illinois Business Licenses: Everything You Need to Know

Business Licenses

Every business is required to process some kind of license and permit. As an Illinois startup, you are required to fulfill all obligations pertaining to Illinois business licenses to operate legally. A business license acts as a sort of permission from the government to open your business to the general public.

When you’re starting a small business in Illinois, know that requirements for Illinois business license also go beyond the ones mandated by the state. In fact, there are also numerous federal business licenses and permits to be completed upon incorporating your business in Illinois (LLC, Corporation, DBA, etc).

A clear understanding of the requirements and how to go about the entire process is a must. By fully understanding every aspect of business license and permit completion, you are also able to submit all necessary paperwork.

Business WebsiteAs a reminder, the penalties for not registering your business vary from state to state. Consequences such as a longer delay of business license registration when you decide to do so, denial of a business license, and even temporary closure of your business can happen.

Aside from this you could also face fines, monetary penalties, and fees not only at the local government level, but also possibly at the state and federal levels as well.

Between processing the requirements for federal, state, and county permits in Illinois, it’s easy enough to get lost in the mountain load of work. To give you a hand in your business license requirements, here are some great resources to refer to:


1) State of Illinois Business Registration, Licenses, and Permits Section

Getting business licenses and permits sorted out can be quite challenging as there are different types. Plus there’s also the specific industry licenses that your business is in. In cases like this, your primary source of for all business license-related information is Illinois official website.

A special section for Registration, Licenses, and Permits is found on the site, and it contains every link to the licenses you need. From here, click the links to determine which licenses are needed for your startup.


2) US SBA State Licenses and Permits Tool

In line with the US SBA’s goal to provide comprehensive support for small business enterprises all throughout the country, a state licenses and permits tool can be found on their official website. Basically designed for the specific purpose of helping startup entrepreneurs identify which licenses and permits are needed for their business.


3) Starting your Business in Illinois Guide

While this resource is generally a guide on how to start a business in Illinois, a section of it is dedicated to the discussion of various business licenses, registration, and permits. In this section, additional resources with contact information, business address, and website links are also provided. These resources help in facilitating your business licenses as well.

We are reminding our readers that this guide on Illinois business licenses is just an informational article. It is not in any way legal advice. A local professional is the right person who can help you with specifics about business licenses in Illinois or the process of starting a new business.

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