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Idaho Business Taxes – Everything You Need to Know

Small Business Taxes

What you know about registering a new business in Idaho (LLC, Corporation, DBA, etc), most importantly the requirements for your Idaho business taxes, is tantamount to the success of your business as a whole.

Knowing that your Idaho business tax requirements are mandatory for your legal operations and compliance means that you also have to make it your business to know about each and every single detail of the requirements.

Business taxes vary depending on a number of factors. Moreover, there are federal and state tax obligations as well. The kind of state taxes you are required to comply with depend on the state policies as well as the type and nature of your business.

To help you with your Idaho business tax compliance, here is a simple guide to walk you through the process of complying with everything that is needed.


1) Idaho Business Income Tax

An Idaho Corporate Income Tax is imposed by the state at a standard rate of 7.4%. In addition, if business income goes through you personally, you are also required to pay for tax on personal income. Aside from this, there are also special taxes that may apply to your business, depending on your business structure.

2) Idaho Federal Tax Forms and Publications

As mentioned at the start of this guide, your federal and state tax requirements are numerous; figuring out all the necessary paperwork, including forms, fees, and reports, can be quite burdensome. To help you ease this burden, the Idaho State Tax Commission provides all the necessary Idaho Federal Tax Forms and Publications needed for your tax compliance requirements.

3) Idaho Unemployment Insurance

For the Unemployment Insurance Tax, all businesses in Idaho are required to comply with this obligation. The Idaho Unemployment Insurance is a temporary financial assistance program to workers who have lost their jobs but in no fault of their own.

For compliance of this business requirement, the state of Idaho has its own additional criteria aside from the standard rule mandated by federal government.

4) Idaho Sales and Use Tax

An Idaho Sales and Use Tax is in effect for all businesses within the state. The Sales Tax is imposed for sale, lease, or rental of products, properties, and services. In the same time, a Use Tax is also imposed on products sold or stored within the state.


Powerful Tools That Make Your Idaho Business Tax Life More Convenient

Startup Tools and ResourcesIt’s true that complying with Idaho business tax requirements is a stressful task, but it is a requirement that must not be overlooked.

No need to fret over this fact though as there are a number of business tools that can be used to ease the burden and stress of completing your requirements. As an Idaho startup owner, you can look over the following business tools to get you by the entire process of complying with tax obligations smoothly and more conveniently.

Small Business Accounting Software

As mentioned, there are several business application tools to help you simplify accounting, bookkeeping, and expense tracking processes and a few good examples of these powerful tools include XeroQuickBooks, and FreshBooks. From getting your reports generated accurately, to tracking your expenses and income efficiently, to sorting out your books regularly, all these tools can help you.

Note that this article is not a legal document nor is it a substitute for legal advice. It is highly advised that you talk or consult with your lawyer for questions or specifics on Idaho business taxes or starting a new business in Idaho.

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