What Is an LLC Kit?

What is an LLC kit

If you’ve looked around at different options for forming your new limited liability company (LLC), you’ve probably seen the term “LLC kit” or “LLC kit and seal” on a number of websites. What you may not have found is an unbiased take on whether this feature is actually necessary — or, for that matter, any indication of what exactly the LLC kit includes.

This guide to LLC kits will discuss what you get when you order one of these kits, the significance of the seal, and whether or not you need an LLC kit at all.

What Is an LLC Kit and Seal?

An LLC kit is a binder used to hold important company documents. The seal is a device used to emboss LLC documents for authentication purposes. This combination of features is included in many online LLC formation packages from respected business service providers.

While not required, it is a good idea to have your formation documents and any other relevant compliance papers kept safely in a convenient location. This can be accomplished by purchasing a simple binder or folder from a stationary store or by using an LLC kit.

One benefit of the LLC kit is that many service providers will include some sample forms such as an operating agreement, membership certificates, membership ledger, and/or state-specific compliance guides.

The LLC kit will often come with an LLC seal, as well. Some owners choose to use a seal to stamp and authenticate their official documents. This is a matter of personal preference, as your company seal is strictly symbolic, holding no legal authority.

How Do I Acquire an LLC Kit and Seal?

Though not required, there is nothing wrong with obtaining a kit and seal for your LLC if you choose. If you don’t want to make your own LLC kit, there are plenty of business service providers who offer a kit and seal at reasonable rates, or even as part of a formation package. They include:

  • IncFile ($99) - Includes a CD-ROM full of sample business forms

Final Thoughts

So do you really need an LLC kit and seal? Not necessarily. However, they’re a good option when it comes to organizing your business documents and demonstrating the legitimacy of your LLC.