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Step 1) Choose the Right Business Structure to Incorporate

Why Incorporate a BusinessChoosing the right business structure to do business as can be intimidating. You know it’s an important step to starting a business, but you’re not sure which structure is right for you.

Here are 2 Quick-Links to help you choose the proper business structure and operate under for years to come.

Each of these resources will help you learn the pros and cons of each structure and help you determine the right one for you.

Business Structure Quick-Link


Step 2) Follow the Guide for Your Chosen Business Structure

Business WebsiteOnce you have chosen the proper business structure for incorporating in Massachusetts, you will need to make everything official.

Here are the 3 key business structures you can incorporate under and the guides that will walk you through the process of setting them up.


To-Do After Incorporating in Massachusetts

Now that you have followed the steps above, you are officially a Massachusetts business owner. Here are 5 additional steps to help you start a successful business.

1) Plan Your Business for Success

Write a Business PlanEach of the guides to incorporating in Step 2 will walk you through this, but since a business plan is the foundation of your business I wanted to add it here as well.

By writing a business plan you will be making a clear game plan for what your business stands for, how you will finance it, and a number of other important aspects.

No matter what you do, don’t skip this step!

Writing a Business Plan Quick-Links


2) Open a Business Bank Account

Best Business Bank AccountThe next step to starting a healthy Massachusetts business, put your profits and assets where they belong. Do this by opening a separate checking account for your business.

There are many options for opening a business checking account like Chase, Bank of America, or Citibank. Be sure to do your research and decide which is right for you. If you’d like a look at our favorite 3, see this review.


3) Build a Business Website

Build a Business WebsiteThe next step when starting a business in Massachusetts is to build a professional and presentable website. This will give you added credibility and help future customers find out more about what you sell.

Although building a website was difficult to do in the early 2000’s, nowadays you can use a simple tool like WordPress to build a customizable website. It is free, customizable, and easy to get started. Learn more about WordPress here.


4) Continue Learning as a Business Owner

Continue LearningAfter you’ve finished the Massachusetts incorporation process, have taken care of your business taxes, and gotten all the proper business licenses, you’re ready to take on the world.

From here it’s time to start building your future. To help you along that journey, I highly recommend you take advantage of the free resources we have for you at Startup Savant.

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