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Step 1) Choose the Right Business Structure

Why Incorporate a BusinessUpon starting a business in Kentucky, determining the best business structure to incorporate in will have a great influence on your entire venture. Incorporating in Kentucky with the right structure will afford you a lot of privileges and advantages.

For example, the kind of taxes you pay as well as its corresponding requirements will depend on the kind of business structure you choose. Also, your opportunities for future growth will also be influenced by business structure.


Step 2) Follow the Guide Below

Business WebsiteAs soon as you have selected the structure for your business, you can then incorporate in Kentucky using that structure. Below are guides you can utilize to help you learn how to incorporate in Kentucky with the structure you’ve chosen.


To-Do After Incorporating in Kentucky

Now that you have followed the steps above, you are officially a Kentucky business owner. Here are a few additional steps to help you start a successful business.

1) Write a Solid Business Plan

Write a Business PlanIf you want to see your business grow and thrive, it’s time to start writing a business plan. Think of your business plan like a blueprint on a house. Every house should have one. Keep in mind that when you write a business plan, it should not be a generic document but rather one that clearly and concisely conveys what your business is about.

Take Action: Register to our free planning course or use a business planning software. Both will help you define your customers, refine your business idea, and set goals for the future.


2) Open a Business Bank Account

Best Business Bank AccountBy opening a separate business bank account for your Kentucky business you will be able to keep all finances separate. This way, you can ensure that all your personal assets will not be mixed up with your business assets, which is extremely important.

You can use the bank you keep your personal account with, just be sure to keep transactions 100% separate. For a look at your top options, check out the top banks in your area.


3) Build a Professional Business Website

Build a Business WebsiteThe next step when starting a Kentucky business is to build a solid website. Without going into too much detail, the easiest way to do so is to start a website through WordPress.

WordPress is a free, easy to use, and customizable platform that you can get started with immediately. Learn how to build your business website through this helpful guide.


4) Continue Learning as an Entrepreneur

Continue LearningEntrepreneurship is a never-ending process of learning. One must understand that the quest for knowledge doesn’t stop after you have finished the Kentucky incorporation process.

As a Kentucky startup entrepreneur, it’s in your hands to grow your business by continuing to learn about your business and the industry you’re in. Doing so will help you keep up with the changing times and trends so you can survive and thrive no matter the circumstances.

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As always we’d like to remind you that any specific questions about starting a new business in should be directed to your lawyer at all times. This is only an informational guide and not legal advice.