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How to Incorporate a Business Online (Without the Chaos)

How to Incorporate a Business Online (Without the Chaos)

Okay, got to be honest with you here, the title of this article is a little misleading because things don’t really get chaotic when you incorporate a business online. Well, as long as you go with a solid provider that’s not some scammy fly-by-night operation.

Need some tell-tale signs of a bad situation? Sure…

That stuff, yeah, that’s chaotic when you’re balancing your life and running a business. With that said let’s go through a dependable 3-step process that will ensure you have a stellar experience as you incorporate a business online like the serial entrepreneurs do.


Step 1) Choose the Red or Blue Pill

Choose the Right Online Incorporation Service for You

The Red Pill stands for research. There’s a bunch of providers simply because of the sheer amount of new companies incorporating thanks to the so-called era of the entrepreneur. It’s going to take some time if you want to research all of them and wrap your mind around their many package options, add-on features, upgrades, pricing, etc.

However, obviously if you do this you’re going to get the VERY best results and feel pretty good about them to boot. As a quick note, here at Startup Savant we’ve compiled an enormous amount of data on all the best providers for your convenience.

The Blue Pill stands for skipping all that research time and listening to the recommendations of people already in-the-know. Our top two suggestions are IncFile and LegalZoom.

IncFile: The All-Around Bootstrappers Best Choice

IncFile is currently the provider that’s lean and savvy enough to offer the most value for the most affordable prices. They’re setting the standards. Basic packages start at $49. With them you also get free Registered Agent for the first year who will keep you legally compliant with your state.

LegalZoom: A More Comprehensive Approach

Once you see their platform and strong startup community for yourself, you realize LegalZoom is definitely a credible incorporation provider with a higher price tag for a variety of good reasons. Taking a couple minutes to investigate their packages would be a wise move.


Step 2) Submit Your Information and Relax

Business WebsiteDon’t worry, your information is as safe with well-known companies like these as with any mainstream banking institution. They’ve helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and maintain A+ ratings from the BBB.

Both IncFile and LegalZoom make it a cake walk once you’ve chosen the package and structure. The necessary forms will be swiftly put together, you fill them out, take advantage of any form checking services if you want, then RELAX!

After the forms are filled out and fees paid, everything else happens rapidly. You’ll have your documents in as little as 24 hours, or 1 business day. If for any reason you have questions or concerns, both companies have AMAZING customer service so please, don’t hesitate to fully leverage them.


Step 3) Get Back to Business

Wrapping Up and Funding a Business

In most cases you’ll be fully incorporated from head to toe in about 30 days. Once your state processes the paperwork, you’re the owner/partner of a shiny new incorporated business.

The many benefits of this move will then manifest over your years in business. And remember, both IncFile and LegalZoom are there throughout the lifespan of your brand whenever red tape is involved and a lawyer is absolutely necessary.


Quick Summary of How to Incorporate a Business Online

Sound good? Pretty simple, and you can thank modern technology for that. The online incorporation industry began in the late 90’s, but over the last decade has really evolved by leaps and bounds.

It’s a very reliable and safe way to incorporate that’s pissed off legions of business lawyers out there (no offense). Don’t forget to look around Startup Savant and check out both IncFile and LegalZoom to move the ball down the field today!

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