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How to Get an EIN Number in Massachusetts (for Free)

Get an EIN for Your Business

Incorporating a new business is exciting! Congratulations on taking the first few steps to owning your future.

In this guide, we are going to cover what an EIN (also known as an Employer ID) is and how to get an EIN number in Massachusetts.

What is an EIN Number?

An EIN (Employer Identification Number) is a 9 digit number used to identify your business and is free to get through the IRS. Think of it like a social security number for your business.


How to Get a Massachusetts EIN

There are 4 routes you can take to get an EIN number for your business. Choose the option best for you.

Apply Online

You can apply online by visiting this page on the IRS website and filling out the web form. By filing online you will get your EIN immediately.

Apply by Fax

You can apply by fax by completing the SS-4 and faxing it to 859-669-5760. Estimated wait time to receive the EIN is 4 business days. (Note: Be sure to add your own fax number so you can actually receive your EIN.)

Apply by Phone

You can apply by phone by calling the Business and Special Tax line at 800-829-4933 between the hours of 7am-7pm. Be sure to have your business’ information ready and you will be assigned an EIN while on the phone.

Apply by Mail

You can apply by mail by completing the SS-4 and mailing it to the address below. The estimated wait time is 4 weeks.

Internal Revenue Service

Attention EIN Operation

Cincinnati, OH,


Please note this guide is not meant to be legal advice and is for informational purposes only. If you have any tax questions, legal questions, or are confused about the process of starting a business, ask a lawyer.

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