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How to Get an EIN in Georgia for Free

Get an EIN for Your Business

Almost every business in the state of Georgia needs to have an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Whether you’re hiring employees right away or in the near future or you prefer to conduct your business on your own, the need for an EIN is tantamount to the existence of your business as a legal entity recognized by the state. So before you get sucked in with other tasks in starting a business in Georgia, find the time to get an EIN first.

This guide will present you with the different ways to get your Georgia Employer Identification Number (EIN) without having to pay for anything at all. Yes, it’s free! On the other hand, there are incorporation services such as BizFilingsLegalZoom, and IncFile that charge a small fee to process this requirement for you.

What is an Employer Identification Number (EIN)?

An Employer Identification Number is the business counterpart of an individual’s Social Security number. The primary purpose of your business EIN is for taxation requirements. From income tax return reports, employment requirements, and even opening a business bank account, your EIN is required.

Just as your Social Security number is used in basically almost all transactions, the same thing goes for your Employer Identification Number. Remember, even if you do not hire employees, you are not exempt from getting an EIN.

Filing Fee: $0

How to Get a Georgia EIN

There are four ways to get a Georgia EIN. Be sure to select only one of the four ways as applying in more than one means that you’ll have different sets of EIN, which is not allowed as per IRS regulations. Choose the application method that’s most convenient for you, and one that’ll serve your purpose best.

Online Application

An online application for an EIN is by far the most preferred method of application since it provides a lot of advantages. Aside from obtaining one anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet, an EIN is also immediately issued at the end of a session. It takes a few minutes, ten at most when applying for an EIN online. You can jumpstart the process of your Internet EIN application now!

Fax Application

For fax application of EIN, the first step is to download Form SS-4 and fill it out. Take time to read the instructions provided in the form link so that when you fax the form, the chances of it being returned due to errors in entries can be minimized. As well, double check that all information entered is accurate and true. Fax this filled-out form to 859-669-5760. Make sure to include your fax number since the EIN will be sent back to you within four business days.

Phone Application

For phone application, you can refer to the entries of Form SS-4 because these will be asked during your phone session with the IRS agent. There is a special Business and Tax line to contact: 800-829-4933. Make the call during business hours, that is, Mondays through Fridays, 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM. As soon as the phone conversation ends, you will have your EIN.

Mail Application

For the application of an EIN through mail, just download Form SS-4 and have it printed. Fill out the form completely, double checking while you’re at it. This is a constant reminder when filling out forms and sending it since an error in any of the entries will mean a delay in the processing of your EIN number. The waiting time for a mail application is at four weeks. Once the form is ready, mail it to this address:

Internal Revenue Service

Attention EIN Operation

Cincinnati, OH,


This guide is just an informational article and should be considered legal advice. You can refer to the legal expertise of a lawyer for complexities that arise when obtaining an EIN or in the startup process.

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