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How to Get an EIN in Colorado for Free

Get an EIN for Your Business

Incorporating a business in Colorado is always an exciting prospective because it shows that you are ready to take command of your future and become your own boss.

Before you proceed further though, don’t forget to get your employer identification number. This EIN number will be your business’ ‘ticket’ in all of your transactions and used by the IRS to monitor if you have been complying with your federal and state obligations. This article will guide you on how to obtain an EIN for free!

What is an EIN?

An EIN (Employer Identification Number) or also known as a Federal Identification Number, is a series of digits, specifically nine all in all, used as your identification number as a legally operating business entity in the state of Colorado. Also, this EIN is used to monitor your tax returns and other tax obligations. An EIN is required for any and all kinds of businesses in the state, and you must obtain one if you want to operate legally.

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How to Get a Colorado EIN

You can obtain a Colorado EIN through different ways. Keep in mind to apply for an EIN using only one method. Choose one that is most convenient for you.

Online Application

To apply for an online application for EIN, you can go directly to the online application section of the IRS website. You need only complete the online application form, and it will then be validated immediately. As soon as all information has been verified, once the session ends, you will get your EIN.

Fax Application

For EIN application through fax, download form SS-4 first, then fill it out. Make sure to complete all the necessary entries in the form. When done, you can send it to 859-669-5760. Be sure to include your fax number as well so they can send your EIN to you through that number. You have to wait four business days to receive your EIN.

Phone Application

For EIN application through phone, you can refer to form SS-4 to prepare for the information you need to have at hand when talking to the operator. Call the Business and Specialty Tax line in this number: 800-829-4933 and an operator will facilitate the processing of your EIN. Make sure to call between office hours from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday to Friday. As soon as the call ends, you will have your EIN.

Mail Application

For mail application of EIN, you can still download form SS-4, completely fill it out and double check the form, and mail it to the specified address. A waiting time of four weeks is a minimum to receive your EIN for mail applications. Mail your form to this address:

Internal Revenue Service

Attention EIN Operation

Cincinnati, OH,


This article is an informational guide not a legal advice. Refer to your lawyer for questions about starting a new business in Colorado.

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