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How to Finance Your Business in Arkansas (5 Resources)

Manage Your Business Finances

Right from the start of registering a business in Arkansas (LLC, Corporation, DBA, etc) up to completing all your business licensing and tax requirements, everything involves money.

Starting a business can be a little costly and might need help through financing to get it off the ground. Finding resources for financing a business in Arkansas can take time, but it is doable as long as you are committed and patient. Here are 5 excellent resources!

Quick Note: No matter who you ask, business experts will tell you that a business plan is your sales pitch to get financing for your business.

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1) Learn How to Find Financing for Your Business in Arkansas

To help you get a hold of information on how to finance a business in Arkansas, we have come up with this Startup Savant guide. In this article, ten of the most common options for financing will be highlighted. Also, a brief description of each option is also included so you can decide if it suits your specific needs or not.

2) Arkansas Sources of Finance

To be more specific on the financing options available in the state of Arkansas, this guide provides a host of financing choices with each respective links and contact details. It’s as comprehensive as they come, plus it also provides sources to help you start a business in the state.

3) Arkansas Economic Development Commission Business Finance

Another great source for financing options is the Arkansas EDC Business Finance Division. From federal to state funding sources, the website also brings together investors to funding partners to further boost financing opportunities for startup businesses in Arkansas.

4) Arkansas Angel Investors

As the need for more financing options arise, angel investors in Arkansas has also been accelerating. These angel investors particularly want to invest in startup companies in exchange for equality ownership interest. The Arkansas Angel Investors website lists down a host of these people who might invest in your startup.

5) Crowdfunding

Another great way to obtain financing for your Arkansas startup is through crowdfunding. It takes advantage of Internet connectivity where numerous people help out an individual by donating small amounts of money. To give you an idea of how to go about crowdfunding, you can check out Kickstarter.

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