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How to File a DBA in Delaware

3 Simple Steps

How to Use this Guide

Use our free guide below to file a Delaware DBA. However, if you’d like a professional service to handle the paperwork for you, here are two good DBA filing services:

LegalZoom ($99 + state fee) = Most Popular Service

– CorpNet ($108 + state fee) = Best Customer Support

Step 1) Verify Brand Name & Download Registration Form

WebsiteFirst, let’s make sure the brand name you’d like to register isn’t already taken or a bit too similar to another. Head on over to the Trade, Business & Fictitious Names page through Delaware Courts and conduct a search, Or, you could use the Secretary of State’s Business Inquiry page. If trademark conflicts are possible, use the TESS System through the U.S. Patent Office to check.

Next, download the Registration of Trade, Business & Fictitious Name Certificate. This is going to need to be filed with the Superior Court in the county where you set up shop.

Step 2) Complete The Registration Form

Register an LLCOnce you have determined that the name has no duplicate, you can fill out the Delaware DBA registration form and print the form. This is the list of basic information included when filing a DBA in Delaware:

  • The county you wish to use the fictitious name to transact business in
  • Trade name
  • Business address
  • Phone number
  • The person, firm or association of the parent company, where it applies
  • Complete names and addresses of all the business owners
  • Date of formation
  • Nature of business

Step 3) Notarize And File Form

Mail in the FormBefore you have the document notarized by an authorized individual, double and triple check every detail to ensure they’re correct. This can sometimes be a challenge if you don’t have legal help or aren’t working with a professional filing service.

That said, there’s a list of the three counties on the Trade, Business & Fictitious Names page we linked to above, and remember to include your filing fee! Here’s to a prosperous Delawarean year ahead.

Need Help Filing Your DBA?

How to File a DBAIf you’d like help filing a DBA in Delaware, feel free to read our reviews of the two most popular services available.

  • LegalZoom DBA Filing Review: Pricing starts at $99 + state fee. Best if you’re looking for the most popular DBA filing service available.