How to File a DBA in Minnesota (3 Simple Steps)

How To Use This Guide

Use our free guide below to file for a DBA in Minnesota:

Use A Professional Service

A professional service will handle filing your DBA on your behalf, allowing you to focus on the other needs of your new business.

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Step 1) Verify Name & Download Certificate of Assumed Name


First things first, verify that the name you want is still available. Do a business entity search through the MN Secretary of State, and use the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office TESS System to see if there are any trademark conflicts.

Once you’ve verified that your desired name is available and free of conflicts, download a copy of the Certificate of Assumed Name. (Make sure to create an account if you want to leverage online filing options.)

Step 2) Carefully Fill Out Form

Register an LLC

All necessary instructions can be found on the name registration form itself, but don’t hesitate to reach out to the Secretary of State’s office, SBA, or a professional filing service if you find any of the information confusing.

Make sure to read the fine print and have all essential information in-hand, like your exact desired name, the names and addresses of all persons involved in the business, principal business address, gross revenue, etc.

Step 3) Submit Certificate of Assumed Name

Mail in the Form

The last step is to submit your Certificate of Assumed Name online, in-person or by mail. If you choose one of the two latter options, submit the form to the following address:



Minnesota Secretary of State - Business Services

Retirement Systems of Minnesota Building

60 Empire Drive, Suite 100 St Paul, MN 55103

Don’t forget to include the proper filing fee!

Filing Fee: $30 by mail, $50 in-person/online

Need Help Filing Your DBA?

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