How to File a DBA in Hawaii (3 Simple Steps)

How To Use This Guide

Use our free guide below to file for a DBA in Hawaii:

Use A Professional Service

A professional service will handle filing your DBA on your behalf, allowing you to focus on the other needs of your new business.

4.4 out of 5 starsLegalZoom ($99 + state fee) for the most popular DBA filing service available. 

4.6 out of 5 starsCorpNet ($108 + state fee) for a more personalized DBA filing service.

Step 1) Obtain A Copy Of The Registration Form

WebsiteThe first order of business before registering and paying fees is to verify your brand name by using the Hawaii Business Entity Search page through the state to see if it's already taken or too similar. For any potential trademarking conflicts, turn to the TESS System through the U.S. Patent Office.

Next, download a copy of the Application for Registration of Trade Name form as well as this Information Document that needs to be read before doing anything else.

Step 2) Properly Complete Your Form

Register an LLCAfter you obtain a copy of the form, if you aren't working with an attorney or professional filing service take serious time to ensure everything is clearly understood and filled out properly.

If you opt for a hard copy written form, only use solid black ink and write VERY legibly. Then, have the form notarized by an authorized individual as soon as you have completed it.

Step 3) Submit Your DBA Registration Form

Mail in the FormYou can file it using the address specified in this Registration Guide.

A $25 filing fee payable to the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs should be included for your Hawaii DBA. Now, all you have to do is wait for the ‘doing business as’ in Hawaii confirmation. Here's to a prosperous year ahead!

Need Help Filing Your DBA?

If you'd like help filing a Hawaii DBA, feel free to read our reviews of the two most popular services.

  • LegalZoom DBA Filing: Pricing starts at $99 + state fee. Best if you're looking for the most popular DBA filing service available.
  • CorpNet DBA Filing: Pricing starts at $108 + state fee. Best if you're looking for great customer service.