How to File a DBA in Alaska

3 Simple Steps

How to Use this Guide

Use our guide below to file a DBA or have a professional service do it for you:

– LegalZoom ($99 + state fee) for the most popular DBA filing service available.

– CorpNet ($108 + state fee) for a more personalized DBA filing service.

1) Verify Your DBA Name

WebsiteBefore you move forward with the DBA filing process, you need to make sure that your ideal business name is available. Conduct a name search on the Department of Commerce website to see whether or not your name is taken by an existing Alaska business.

If you find that another business already operates under your desired name, you’ll have to modify your name enough to be distinguishable. This may require:

  • Changing the spelling of the name
  • Rearranging the words in the name
  • Making the name possessive

Refer to this page for other characteristics of distinguishable Alaska business names, and more details on how to ensure that your name request will be approved.

2) Download & Complete Registration Form

Create an Operating AgreementNow that you’ve settled on a name, you’re ready to fill out the DBA registration form. This form will ask for:

  • Your desired business name
  • Your business license number (you will not be able to apply without a valid Alaska business license)
  • Your business type (sole proprietorship, partnership, entity)
  • Your business’ street and mailing address
  • The name and mailing address of the business owner(s)
  • The business owner’s signature
  • Additional contact information, like your return address and entity number

You can go about registering your business name two different ways: on paper or online.

  1. On-paper: Download the DBA registration form. You can fill it out on your computer, or print it out and write your responses in legible handwriting. You’ll be able to pay the $25.00 filing fee by check (made out to the State of Alaska) or credit card.
  2. Online: No need to download or print anything — simply use the online registration form. You’ll be required to pay with a credit card (they accept Visa and Mastercard).

3) Submit Online or Mail In

Mail in the FormIf you choose the old-school approach, you’ll simply mail your completed form and payment to the address listed below.

Their standard processing time is 10-15 days between March and September, and 15+ days from October through February. Keep in mind that if you go with the paperless option, your filing will be processed much more efficiently since it’ll all be done directly through the Alaska Department of Commerce website.

State Office Building

333 Willoughby Avenue, 9th Floor

PO Box 110806

Juneau, AK 99811-0806

Need Help?

How to File a DBAFiling a DBA in Alaska is fairly simple, but depending on your circumstances you may benefit from using a DBA filing service. Delegating the task to a professional will free you up to focus on the more pressing needs of your new business.

We’ve ranked our favorite DBA filing services, and trust you’d be in good hands with any of the providers on our list!