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Harbor Compliance LLC REVIEW

(Pros & Cons, Pricing & Features & Customer Reviews)

Harbor Compliance LLC ReviewThe legal intricacies involved in the LLC formation process is enough to give you a numbing headache. Thankfully there are alternatives to doing the process yourself.

Harbor Compliance is, in it’s most basic sense, a helping hand for those forming their LLC without conventional legal representation. They handle filing, annual reports, and all the in’s and out’s of compliance.

From a basic formation option to a fully featured service package, Harbor Compliance simplifies the LLC formation process, leveraging a personalized approach with their team of Compliance Specialists.

In this Harbor Compliance review we’ll be taking an in depth look, outlining some pros & cons, we’ll talk compatibility and pricing, as well as answer some common questions so you can figure out if they’re worth considering. Enjoy!

Pros & Cons of Harbor Compliance


  1. Straightforward, no-nonsense packages and excellent services without hidden fees or unexpected additional costs. You’ll know exactly what you need and how much you’re going to pay before getting started.

  2. A dedicated Compliance Specialist will take care of your filings and offer expert guidance, not just some robot-like automated service. Highly recommended for entrepreneurs who want personalized attention when starting their business.

  3. Harbor Compliance goes beyond the usual formation services, providing full service support for business licensing, tax registration, and related requirements. In addition, they offer a popular Compliance Package to help you stay compliant.

  4. Aiming to inform and empower you as a business owner, they provide over 3,000 free web pages of tips of the trade and useful advice that you can check out via its Information Center.

  5. Customer reviews are A-Okay! Previous clients particularly rave about the personalized service and the responsiveness of the team at Harbor Compliance. All-in-all Harbor Compliance boasts a positive track record.

  6. Not only are they going to help you every step of the way, but will do so in a timely manner. Many happy customers are thrilled how prompt their service agents are and how quickly they go through any compliance related documentation.

  7. Past formation, if you’re interested in doing your annual filing through Harbor Compliance, there’s a separate $125 service for those who choose the formation package.


  1. Definitely not for entrepreneurs forming a business on a VERY tight budget. Considering there are alternatives like IncFile that form a business for $49, Harbor Compliance’s $399 service charge is pricey.

Harbor Compliance LLC Pricing & Features

With Harbor Compliance, you have two choices, either the Formation or Compliance package.

Harbor Compliance LLC ReviewHarbor Compliance LLC Pricing

The Formation tier is exactly what it sounds like, as this package includes everything you need to start your new company, including registered agent service and a Federal Employer Identification Number. Of course, any package you purchase from Harbor Compliance includes amazing personalized customer service. The fact that you have a Compliance Specialist assigned specifically to your company is priceless. Instead of waiting on hold, or talking to someone in an anonymous call center, you talk to the same person every time.

While the Compliance package is expensive at $799, it’s amazing how many features are included at that price point. With this level of service, consider them as more of a business partner than a simple document filing service. They include everything you need for licensing, publishing and tax registration, and they offer ongoing support throughout the life of your business.

Either way, it’s clear that Harbor Compliance is going to offer tremendous service, with more fully featured products than the vast majority of their competition.

Harbor Compliance Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsHarbor Compliance has extremely impressive customer satisfaction. They’ve attained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have close to a 5-star rating on several other reviewing sites.

But, often times, it’s better to read those recommendations for yourself. We’ve selected some of the most relevant reviews of Harbor Compliance so you can get a feel for what people are saying.

“I had a great experience working with Mike and Sharon at Harbor Business Compliance. Navigating the myriad of laws and regulations associated with properly establishing and operating a non-profit business within the United States can be a daunting task. The team at Harbor Compliance has the expertise needed so that you can rest assured that all your t’s are crossed and i’s dotted, thereby letting you focus on your core business endeavor. Great folks; highly recommend.” – Jereme A.

“Very professional service. They answer emails and calls right away. If they are not available they call you back ASAP. This is not a strictly online registered agent that just takes your $ and doesn’t give you much. Harbor Compliance has been a very personal, human, dedicated service for me. They have helped me with multiple questions I have had and helped me out when I had an important document mailed to them in which I actually needed the original. I would HIGHLY recommend them if you are looking for a great registered agent service! Thank you guys!” – P. LLC

“I have a registered LLC for my music/media work and I have contracted with Harbor Compliance for three years now. The customer service is exceptional and they make it easy to maintain my business anywhere. I would highly recommend them, especially to small business owners or non-profits who may not have the expertise to navigate the legal complexities of business and who also work across state lines.” 

– Douglas Thomas

How Does Harbor Compliance Compare?

Harbor Compliance LLC ComparisonHarbor Compliance is obviously at the high end when it comes to price, but they pair those costs with top-shelf customer service and in-depth ongoing personalization. For comparison’s sake, let’s take a glance at a couple of their competitors to see what they have to offer.

If you’re just looking for simple document filing, perhaps you should give IncFile a long look. Starting at just $49, IncFile can get your company started on the cheap. Obviously, with rates that low, you’re not going to get a personalized customer experience or anywhere near the amount of value you get from Harbor Compliance. However, if the basics are all you need, maybe you only need to pay for the basics!

Another option is Rocket Lawyer. Unlike Harbor Compliance and IncFile, Rocket Lawyer gives you a choice. Either you pay a single $99 formation fee, or on a monthly subscription basis of $49.95 per month, providing a robust array of features for as long or as short a period of time as you require them. Rocket Lawyer might be an option for you, especially if you don’t expect to require ongoing compliance assistance, and can simply cancel your subscription once you’re done with it.

The bottom line is that all three of these companies fill a need within the incorporation industry. Which one fits your business comes down to what level of service you require. It’s nice to know that no matter what the needs of your company are, there’s a filing and compliance service out there for you.



  • Pricing Starts at

  • 100,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone starting a business on a budget and need quick formation

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Rocket Lawyer
  • Pricing Starts at

  • 10,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone wanting the choice between basic formation or a suite of online legal services

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Harbor Compliance
  • Pricing Starts at

  • 10,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone wanting top-to-bottom formation and ongoing compliance


Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I Just Form an LLC By Myself?

Forming an LLC by yourself is always an option. Services like Harbor Compliance aim to take that burden off your shoulders and give some security to those without a legal savvy or representation.

They handle compliance laws and paperwork so you can focus on the most important part: running and growing your business. But the option to file for yourself is still available and we have plenty of tools like our free step-by-step How to Form an LLC guides.

Any Specific Filing Times?

Like most, this depends on what state you’re conducting business in. There are specific dates for annual report filings, but Harbor Compliance is set up to take note of these state compliance rules so you don’t miss any important deadlines.

Harbor Compliance Discounts?

Unfortunately, no. Currently there are no discounts available through Harbor Compliance.

Is There a Refund Policy?

After contacting their CEO, we found that they do have one in place, but he cannot remember the last time it was actually used.

Hidden Fees to Watch Out For?

There are no hidden fees, but there are some expenses to watch out for. Harbor Compliance makes a point to show you exactly what their prices are, and they’re available on their website.

But if you're looking to add other features, you might run into a couple extra charges. If you’re planning on filing annual reports for example, expect to be charged $125 unless you’ve purchased their compliance package.

Will I Need to Sign Anything?

Nope! They handle all of the document prep, signatures and filing. They’ll even send out email notifications along the way so you’re kept in the loop.

How Secure Is This Service?

The Harbor Compliance team implements quite a few measures to keep your data secure. They offer the use of a secure server and all sensitive information (social security numbers, credit card information, etc.) is transmitted using Secure Socket Layer. Databases can only be accessed by authorized users, and all information is encrypted for added protection.
If you want to learn more about their commitment to privacy, their Privacy Policy is a great place to start. They’ll tell you all you need to know about collected information, terms and conditions, cookies and more.

Is There Ongoing Support?

Absolutely! If Harbor Compliance excels at anything, it’s customer support. Dozens of reviews point to their personalized support as the shining example of a job well done.

Plus both the Formation and Compliance packages include a Registered Agent, so you’ll have a singular point of contact capable of answering all your questions and keeping you on top of compliance.

Overall, Harbor Compliance is a excellent option if you're not on a super tight budget, and want all of the most important features included in a compliance service. They’ve received glowing reviews from happy customers, and have a wealth of resources and knowledge for you to familiarize yourself with compliance best practices.

Should You Use Harbor Compliance?

At the end of the day we highly recommend considering Harbor Compliance because of their exceptional attention to detail & personalized support. Think of working with them as an investment into your business.

Choosing the right LLC filing service for your business is important so trust your gut and take a look at what you really need. If you'd like to consider your other options, click the green button below.

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