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Think of your business entity like the engine of a car. Depending on the kind of engine you have, you'll be able to go down different terrains and operate at different speeds. The business entity you choose will impact the legal protection you have, the taxes you pay and more. Choose wisely!

Georgia USA Small Business Resource Directory

A resource center that basically contains all the information that you need to know about Georgia’s business industry. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to start, grow and finance your small business or learn and connect with other entrepreneurs, the Georgia USA Small Business Resource Directory is the place for you.

Georgia Chamber

The Georgia Chamber creates opportunities for small businesses by providing them with numerous business resources which include business education and webinars, online human resource library, access to capital, discounts on office supplies, advertising opportunities and a lot more.

Georgia State University Small Business Development Center

The Georgia State University Small Business Development Center is a public service agency that gives free consulting and management training to Georgia small businesses. The center has a team of professional and experienced business consultants who are ready to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.

SBA Georgia District Office

The U.S. Small Business Administration Georgia District Office is a government agency that provides statewide assistance to entrepreneurs from Georgia who want to start their own business within the state. The SBA will give you assistance in looking for grants and loans, provide you with local assistance and help you as you start and manage your business.

University of Georgia Small Business Development Center

The University of Georgia Small Business Development Center is a government initiative that provides a variety of business educational services to small business owners and new entrepreneurs in Georgia. The agency will teach you how to start and grow a small business, provide you with business training and educate you on international trade.

SCORE Atlanta

SCORE Atlanta’s mission is to fulfill every entrepreneur’s dream to start a business in the city as well as in the state of Georgia. SCORE has competent and experienced business coaches that will help small business owners by mentoring them on how to grow and expand their business. is a non-profit organization that operates an incubator, coworking space, makerspace, educational, and mentorship programs for entrepreneurs in the Augusta area and Ft. Gordon Cyber District. Members primarily come from a 7 county region covering Georgia and South Carolina. partners with the city government, local chambers, UGA Small Business Development Center, Georgia Tech Advanced Technology Development Center, and many other organizations to create a central hub for entrepreneur activity in Augusta’s rapidly growing cyber district. Regionally, it operates a Mesh Network of Innovation linking collaborative grassroots incubators to form a 5 city venture network to support startups in small and midsize cities in the southeast.

Greater Women's Business Council

Greater Women’s Business Council is a business organization about women, for women, and to empower women through certification, education, and access to companies ready to do business with women-owned businesses.

Urban League of Greater Atlanta Entrepreneurship Center

A program sponsored by the Atlanta League to encourage minority entrepreneurs in urban areas which is operated at the Atlanta Entrepreneurship Center.

The program is composed of a community referral network where business owners are provided to help their business grow through links with local resource partners, and an intrusive coaching component to help entrepreneurs meet their business goals.

Georgia Micro Enterprise Network

The Georgia Micro Enterprise Network (GMEN) is a non-profit organization that aims to promote economic development by providing small businesses with funding and business training.

Georgia Small Business Lender

The Georgia Small Business Lender has a wide array of loan programs to help small businesses expand by meeting their financing needs. This loan can be availed of by aspiring entrepreneurs all over the state of Georgia.

One Georgia Authority

One Georgia Authority understands the important role small businesses play in shaping the economic future of Georgia. Knowing this, One Georgia Authority creates opportunities by making funding loans and grants available to small business owners.

Small Business Access Partners

Small Business Access Partners works is a non-profit certified development company that works in partnership with banks to provide SBA 504 loans and other economic development loans to make capital available to small businesses. Programs that provide reasonable rates, lower down payments, and longer repayment terms, the SBAP have the solution for certain small business financing needs.

Advanced Technology Development Center

Advanced Technology Development Center is ranked as one of the world’s top technology incubators and belongs to the top 12 incubator that has changed the world by Forbes in 2013. ATDC’s primary goal is to launch and build technology businesses in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Centers of Innovation

Georgia Centers of Innovation focuses on providing small businesses with deep technical industry expertise, creating connections to markets and new business opportunities and allowing them to gain access to groundbreaking research and collaborations.

The Burson Center

A business incubator, Burson Center is also a resource center that concentrates in developing information technology, manufacturing, healthcare and other fields. The center fosters entrepreneurship, innovation, and business growth by providing small business assistance.

Startup Atlanta

Startup Atlanta non-profit startup that serves growth-focused entrepreneurs focused on scaling their business and connecting the local startup ecosystem. They help grow and strengthen business through different networks by hosting events, bringing startup and regional leaders together, support policies friendly to innovation and entrepreneurs and promote corporate involvement with the local ecosystem.


Roam is a collective, local community of innovators, pioneers and visionaries that create environments where they can focus, collaborate, learn and socialize. They are dedicated to the people on the move that need a better way to connect with others, work productively and grow their businesses meeting and gathering experience for the new workforce.

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