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7 Steps to Gaining Authority in Your Business

Gaining Authority in Your BusinessI’m excited, because today I get to talk to you about gaining business authority;

In this article, I want to highlight why it’s so important for your business to gain authority, and the basic steps you can take to start doing so.

What is authority?

Put simply, when we talk about business authority we talk about trust. We talk about becoming a company that hopefully has people’s trust. Therefore, consumers are likely to listen to what the business has to offer, and purchase its products.

Why is business authority important?

It’s clear to see that increasing your business’ authority means people regard you as trustworthy, and as a result are more likely to buy from you. Essentially increasing your sales, revenue, and repeat business in the future.

So how can you go about increasing your authority if you are a relatively new business?


How to Gain Business Authority in 6 Steps

The steps below are not just limited to building an online business. I’ve created the article to help people build business authority both online and offline. Here are the 7 steps to gaining authority is your new business:

1) Using Professional Design

Design is the first thing you see when you look at the front of a business. When you stare at the home of their operations. Regardless of whether you look at their website, their store or their business card.

The first thing is always the design.

Shoddy design means less appeal right off the bat. Before people have even seen your products or looked more into what you’re about.

To reel people in, you need to have a solid design for your business, which involves:


2) Providing Killer Content / Products

This probably sounds overly obvious, but the statement still stands. Business authority can’t be built properly without first delivering awesome content or awesome products.

If you’re building an online, digital content based business:

For offline businesses, or offline aspects:

For online content based businesses such as blogs, build products that show that extra bit of attention users want. They already get articles from you that helps them out. For paid products, give them more detail, the use of audio, videos, and other little extras that will help them out just that little bit more.


3) Building Social Awareness

Nowadays, a lot of businesses become authoritative by increasing their online social awareness. For many entrepreneurs, it wasn’t until they figured out how to grow their followers on a social media platform that they began to really get noticed.

Take a look at Foundr’s guide to Instagram for an excellent example of this in action.

It’s time to start building social awareness. Run campaigns, get involved on the up and coming platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. It’s the best way to become connected with the rest of the world.

Of course, the world may not be your target, but the principle is the same.


4) Reaching Out to Influencers

Reaching out to like-minded entrepreneurs is one of the most crucial steps to building authority. You see, many people used to think of like-minded entrepreneurs solely as the competition.

Although, any successful business owner today now knows that it’s all about collaboration and helping one another. If you own a business, or online business in particular, then reaching out to other influencers is really important.

We actually recently published an article on Wealthy Gorilla that highlights 14 reasons why you should reach out to people, and how you can do so.


5) Attention to Detail

I consider myself to be a bit of a perfectionist, which can sometimes be somewhat of a detriment, rather than beneficial.

For the most part however, the trait allows me to nail a lot of smaller details that really can perfect the overall look and effectiveness of something.

This attention to detail is required in almost everything you do. It’s in the products you produce, the message you send, the content you produce. Every time you get a smaller detail right, it boosts business appeal and trust.

Classic examples include using small customized items at events like branded pens, note pads, water bottles or other unique client and/or customer gifts. It’s this attention to detail that make a lasting impression.


6) Giving Back

We’ll obviously mention that giving back is always great because it allows you to help others in need. Whether it be donating to charity, speaking at events, or holding other types of events.

If you’re giving back you’re helping other people, and that’s what it’s all about.

How does this help you gain business authority?

You gain business authority due to the fact that people love to get involved with events and businesses that give back. If you are speaking to others trying to pass on knowledge and wisdom, they’ll respect you and look up to you for it.

If you’re donating charity, people will be keen to interact with your business to get involved with the cause.

As you’ve noticed, Startup Savant gives back to the community, and that’s incredibly important. It’s at these events when your custom design elements can perfect the look.


7) Being Patient

At the end of the day, building authority isn’t exactly a quick process. It take times for people to notice you, and trust you, both as a person and as a business.

When all other steps are consistently taken care of, the last on the list is simply just to be patient. Give it time. If you’re doing everything else right, the authority and respect will come.



Let’s have a quick recap on how to gain business authority:

  1. Using professional design
  2. Providing killer content
  3. Building social awareness
  4. Reaching out to influencers
  5. Attention to detail
  6. Giving back
  7. Being patient


In Conclusion

The 7 steps are the basic steps for any new business to start building authority. This is regardless of whether you’re a purely online startup, or you’re offline as well.

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