3 Quality FreshBooks Alternative Options

Best Small Business Accounting SoftwareWelcome to our article that seeks to give you three great options to serve as your go-to FreshBooks alternative. It’s great software, no doubt, but no matter how good something is it’s not going to be so for everyone.

Hopefully one of the options below suit you and your platform better because we know, we truly understand, how important you take your financials. Enjoy!


$6.30 to $49/month

Over 500,000 subscribers trust Xero for their accounting needs (including Startup Savant). The software should have all the features you need to monitor your cashflow and expenses and then some, which is why we consider it the best FreshBooks alternative.

Here is a quick look at Xero’s top features:

  • Free QuickBooks conversion tool.
  • Business Apps Integration feature.
  • Multiple users are allowed (business partner, accountant, etc.).
  • Create invoices and get automatic billing updates.
  • Built-in time sheets.
  • Provides you with useful learning resources on accounting to help you run your business.
  • Forecasting and budgeting tool.

Xero has pricing that starts at $6.30/mo up to $49 (billed annually). Feel free to hop on over and read our Xero review if you’d like to know more. There’s another option at the end though as well if you want to stick around and see what the other two choices are.


$10.36 to $23.97/month

QuickBooks Online is one of the pioneers when it comes to accounting software and is one of the most popular in the industry. However, it’s an excellent FreshBooks alternative not because of this fact alone, but because of the following features:

  • Bank reconciliation tool that automatically syncs all your bank account information.
  • Business expenses tracking tool.
  • Invoice tool that helps you create any type of invoice.
  • Multiple-apps integration.
  • Mobile app downloadable for your smart phone.

Their pricing differs in that it ranges between $10.36/mo to $23.97/mo. You can read our QuickBooks Online review for more information if you’d like. Keep in mind it’s a rather different kind of data-presentation although they have two versions.


Sage One
Free to $5/month

Sage One comes from the new generation of accounting software and offers practical features in a free plan – which is good for those who want to try the software first. Just keep in mind the free plan is very basic and not intended for more substantial platforms or medium-sized business with more extensive accounting needs.

Below are some of the features of its free plan:

  • Customizable invoices and fast sending option.
  • Generates automated financial reports.
  • Bank integration tool.
  • Multi-currency support in 32 global currencies.
  • Create and send unlimited quotes.
  • Income and expense tracking.
  • Cloud-based software which can be used anytime, anywhere.

Want To Use The Best Accounting Software?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseThere’s no quick way to select ideal accounting software. It takes time and some research to choose the best-suited because while lots of aspects can be automated, this software is going to be a huge part of your business and a major determining factor as to how well it performs.

What matters is that you make your move and begin experimenting, upgrading, and delving into the amazing power of accounting software. There’s no time to waste. Don’t learn the hard way!