FreeAgent offers affordable, easy to use accounting software. But, if you're looking for something that offers more flexible packaging options, or offers a more robust set of features, we’ve got you covered.

Today, we’ll be looking at our top three alternatives to FreeAgent’s software. We’ll talk through the basics for each company, mention some of our favorite features, and let you know how you can get started. So without further adieu, let’s jump in!

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1. Xero - $9 to $70/month

Start off with pick number one, Xero offers a system that is chalk full of impressive features. We’ve tested this software on multiple occasions have had nothing but positive experiences. Some of our favorite features include:

  • Payroll: As we mentioned, Xero really steps up when it comes to robust features, and payroll is no different. You can track time, input timesheets, and assign users to approve time for other team members, all within Xero’s accounting software.
  • Conversion from QuickBooks: Xero is one of the few companies in the industry that offers its members a helping hand during the conversion process. If you’re thinking about switching from QuickBooks, Xero can handle all the data entry for you, so you have one less thing on your plate.
  • 500+ App integration: With over 500 apps and widgets, Xero is one of the most versatile online accounting tools available. You can easily incorporate business tools like Shopify, Square, and Google Suite, and access them alongside your Xero account.

Xero includes these features and a ton more in their monthly subscription plans. They currently offer three packages ranging from $9-$70 a month, so you can choose the option that is most suitable for your business’ needs and budget.

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2. FreshBooks - $15 to $50/month

Up next, we’ve got FreshBooks. As another heavy hitter in this industry, their software offers a well-designed set of features for a variety of business types. Some of their most well-loved features include:

  • Customizable Invoicing: FreshBooks allows you to play with their invoicing templates and edit them to reflect your style and incorporate your logo so that every invoice looks like an extension of your brand.
  • Expense Tracking: With their full set of expense tracking tools, you can say goodbye to digging through drawers for long lost receipts. They’ve perfected a receipt tracker that allows you to instantly capture and log your expenses from any mobile device, so you can keep track of things on the go.
  • Per-project organization: To make it easier for you to communicate with and organize your client base, FreshBooks allows you to sort by client, when you can add invoices, payment history, expenses, tracked miles and more.

When it comes to pricing, FreshBooks has set up their packaging a little differently than others within the industry. Instead of scaling their offerings based on the number of features included, they charge based on number of active clients so that their packages scale with your growing business.

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3. QuickBooks - $10 to $50/month

To finish up our countdown, we’ve got QuickBooks. QuickBooks has been in the business for over 30 years, making them one of the oldest companies in this relatively new industry. With that much experience, they’ve evolved and grown in order to create a platform that is expertly designed and functional. Some of their most well crafted tools include:

  • Tax Help: QuickBooks is one of the best when it comes to tax help. They’ll keep track of all of your business expenses, as well as let you know about possible deductions, so that when it tax day comes, you’re more than ready.
  • Time Tracking: Keep a log of every minute spent working on a project with QuickBooks time tracking tools. Stop and start time whenever you like, and track the time on to future invoices for easy organization.
  • Reporting: Run a number of reports including balance sheets, profits & losses, and more. And if you want to take those reports with you, you can export and save them easily.

When it comes to plans and packaging, QuickBooks offers four packages that cater to a variety of business types. Their packages range from $10-$50 per month, but there are some discounts available. When you sign up, you can choose between a 30 day free trial or 50% off your monthly subscription fees for the first 6 months.

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Ready to Get Started?

We highly recommend all three of these options, since every option has some fantastic features in place. But, at the end of the day, Xero remains our number one pick. If you’d like to learn more about Xero, click the learn below to head directly over to their website. Cheers!