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13 Free Resources for Starting a Business in Nevada

Free Resources to Start a Business

Starting a business in Nevada involves a lot of planning, making key decisions, and complying with requirements to officially form your company that may give you quite a few headaches along the way.

However, with the precarious future of employment numbers, what could be a better way to secure your financial status than starting your own business?

When you’re starting a Nevada small business, it is not only important to have the right mindset and the determination to pursue this goal; it is also equally vital that you be practical and savvy in all facets of the startup process.

The innovative use of resources and tools can help cut down on your startup costs and save time, plus fast track business operations. Startup Savant has come up with a number of free Nevada startup guides and resources to assist every entrepreneur looking to be their own boss. Let’s get started!


1) How to Start a Business in Nevada + 3 Great Resources

This basic guide walks entrepreneurs through the process of starting a business in Nevada. Each step is discussed thoroughly and a few resources have also been included to help fast track the startup process. In addition, three recommended resources of importance in incorporating, creating a business plan, and continuously learning are also featured in this guide.

2) Nevada Business Taxes

It is a known fact that there are numerous paperwork requirements when completing Nevada business taxes. This guide provides help to entrepreneurs, giving them a basic working knowledge of the common types of business taxes in Nevada that may be required for completion. A tool to help make the Nevada tax life easier is also included in the guide.

3) How to Get the Right Nevada Registered Agent

This guide is all about the requirements and restrictions for hiring a Registered Agent. It includes statutory requirements for a Registered Agent, including an excellent recommended option for hiring the right agent.

4) Nevada Business Licenses

Nevada business licenses range from the state and local government, and each county has different sets of requirements for licenses and permits when starting a business in Nevada. This guide presents a number of reliable and efficient sources of information pertaining to business licenses.

5) How to Form an LLC in Nevada

This guide talks about the steps on forming a Nevada LLC. It gives step-by-step instructions, laying out the foundation for incorporating an LLC and the steps to operate as a legal entity. It also includes a few resources that can help fast track your LLC formation.

6) How to File a DBA in Nevada

This guide is all about filing a ‘doing business as’ (DBA) name in Nevada. It is a starter guide that directs entrepreneurs through a 3-simple step process on how to obtain permission from the state to use an assumed name for a business.

7) How to Start a Non-Profit Organization in Nevada

This guide succinctly summarizes the most vital steps to forming a Non-Profit in Nevada. As there are some special steps that need to be taken to apply for federal, state, and local tax exemptions; this guide also provides for steps on how to accomplish these.

8) How to Form a Corporation in Nevada

If you’re looking to incorporate a Corporation as a Nevada startup, you can use this guide to walk you through the process. Composed of six simple steps, and a few additional recommended and required steps, you will be able to form a Corporation in no time.

9) How to Incorporate in Nevada

This simple guide enumerates the four fundamental steps to incorporating a business in Nevada, and what it entails when you incorporate a business, along with its benefits and advantages.

10) 5 Mistakes When Starting a Nevada Business

In a Nevada startup, it is easy to make mistakes that could cost your business. This guide should help you by pointing out the most deadly business mistakes and how to avoid them.

11) 5 Best Practices When Starting a Nevada Business

Every business follows a set of best practices to gauge if there are favorable outcomes in operations. To get you started on your own best practices, this guide enumerates five of the common ones used by the most successful small businesses.

12) How to Finance a Business in Nevada

If you are looking for the right financing option when starting a Nevada small business, this guide will prove useful. It enumerates and discusses five of the most common and not-so-common ways to fund your startup.

13) The Nevada Entrepreneur’s Startup Toolkit

This Nevada Startup Toolkit is specially collated by Startup Savant, and it is composed of seven of the most powerful resources to jumpstart your new business venture.

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