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13 Free Resources for Starting a Business in Mississippi

Free Resources to Start a Business

Starting a business in Mississippi may be more challenging than being employed, but the financial independence and security that comes with having your very own business make up for all the struggles and trials you will face.

With challenges such as limited startup financing, startup costs, high success risks, etc., practicality is required when starting a Mississippi small business to help overcome all these.

A savvy entrepreneur’s skillful use of startup resources can significantly improve the chances of forming a Mississippi startup successfully. With this in mind, Startup Savant has collected a number of free startup resources specifically for the Mississippi entrepreneur.

Each of these guides will help you accomplish the basic tasks of your Mississippi business formation conveniently.

1) How to Start a Business in Mississippi + 3 Great Resources

This guide will help entrepreneurs get started on a small business in Mississippi and provide three resources to help get started immediately.

2) Mississippi Business Taxes: Everything You Need to Know 

This Mississippi business taxes guide outlines the different kinds of taxes that may be applicable to their Mississippi business. The guide points out additional information on these taxes to help the newbie entrepreneur complete their obligations.

3) How to Get the Right Mississippi Registered Agent 

This Registered Agent guide discusses the requirements and restrictions of an ideal Mississippi Registered Agent that meets state requirements for compliance and one who can competently and reliably do the job on behalf of your business.

4) Mississippi Business Licenses: Everything You Need to Know 

This Mississippi business licenses guide enumerates the license resources you can refer to when completing obligations for your business’ licenses.

5) How to Form an LLC in Mississippi 

This is a simple guide that presents the basic steps on how to successfully form an LLC in Mississippi.

6) How to File a DBA in Mississippi: 3 Simple Steps 

When a Mississippi business wants to operate under a different name than its original business name, this guide on how to file a DBA in Mississippi can be a good resource to refer to.

7) How to Start a Non-Profit Organization in Mississippi 

This guide on how to start a Mississippi Non-Profit outlines nine basic steps to forming a Non-Profit organization, including the steps on how to apply for federal and state tax exemptions.

8) How to Form a Corporation in Mississippi 

This straightforward guide outlines the steps on how to form a Corporation in Mississippi. It also includes some helpful resources to form the Corporation that make the process much easier.

9) How to Incorporate in Mississippi: The Simple Guide 

This guide on how to incorporate in Mississippi discusses what incorporating means for you and your business, also including the three basic steps on how to do so.

10) 5 Mistakes When Starting a Mississippi Business 

There are minor mistakes, those that can be omitted and due to experience when starting a business, but there are also life-altering mistakes that could ruin your startup even before it has started operations. This guide will point out to entrepreneurs the latter mistakes and offer some constructive tips on how to avoid them.

11) How to Finance a Business in Mississippi: 5 Great Resources 

This how-to guide on financing a Mississippi business presents five funding options that can jumpstart your startup with the right capital funding. These options vary from common government grants and loans to more innovative solutions such as crowdfunding and angel investing.

12) The Entrepreneur’s Mississippi Startup Toolkit: 7 Solid Resources 

This entrepreneur startup toolkit presents seven proven valuable resources that help newbie entrepreneurs get their business up and running in no time. The seven solid resources provide vital help in the different startup stages. It includes how-to guides, startup assistance resource links, and tools and applications.

13) 5 Best Practices When Starting a Mississippi Business 

Starting a Mississippi small business requires that you employ best practices as a benchmark for success. This guide presents to startup entrepreneurs five of the best practices that must be implemented in their startup.

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