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Form-A-Corp REVIEW

(Pricing, Features, Customer Reviews & More)

Form A Corp LLC ReviewHaving trouble deciding who to form your business through, or whether you should use an incorporation service at all?

If you can’t afford conventional legal help then providers like Form-A-Corp make the process less expensive and more streamlined.

Since they were established in 1998, over 20,000 entrepreneurs have leveraged Form-A-Corp’s expertise and enjoyed their low-cost online incorporation services. We review all providers, but in this Form-A-Corp review we’re here to help you decide if they’re a good fit for your company’s vision.

Some Pros & Cons of Form-A-Corp


  1. Cost Effective: Form-A-Corp’s ‘Price Match Guarantee’ ensures they’ll not only match a competitor’s price, but knock off an extra 5% if you find a better deal.

  2. Easy: You’ll receive a straightforward, no-obligation quote up front.

  3. Human-Centered: According to their website, they’ll assign a knowledgeable staff member to guide you through the entire incorporation process step-by-step rather than forcing you through an automated sales funnel.

  4. Educated Staff: Form-A-Crop trains their customer service well and you’ll find that whomever you work with, they know their stuff.

  5. Customizable: In addition to their Economy, Standard, and Complete packages, they also offer custom packages for more flexibility and personalization.


  1. Form-A-Corp’s customer service isn’t super accessible compared to their competitors. They don’t offer live chat or have any customer service hours posted on their site. If you’re trying to get in touch with them, email is your best bet.

  2. Unlike a few other services, Form-A-Corp’s starting package doesn’t include free Registered Agent services (Ex: IncFile offers 1 year free).

  3. At $99, Form-A-Corp pricing starts at $50 more than IncFile’s (who’s pricing starts at $49). However, they invite you to try your luck with their Price Match Guarantee!

    Form A Corp Challenge

Form-A-Corp Package Features & Pricing

Pricing and FeaturesForm-A-Corp offers three pre-bundled incorporation packages: Economy, Standard, and Complete. Their Complete package comes “highly recommended” while their Economy package is the most affordable at $99.

The price listings below refer to the cost of forming an LLC, Corporation or Nonprofit. Keep in mind that state fees aren’t included and differ depending on the state you’re forming a business in.

Form A Corp Pricing Package

If this is all brand new to you, then please don’t just purchase a package without completely understanding everything Form-A-Corp will do for you and include. And no, it’s not at all uncommon for brand new entrepreneurs to build a more customized approach that’s got the document prep & filing, and perhaps just an EIN.

Just make sure you’re getting what you need.

Our one note on their pricing page is that they could do a much better job at explaining the features you’ll get. If you’re not totally sure what something is, do a quick search on Google or reach out to their customer support.

Form A Corp Package

Form-A-Corp Reviews

Form-A-Corp ReviewsForm-A-Corp is not a accredited organization, making it one of the only services in this industry that aren’t. This isn’t exactly a bad thing or even required, but the BBB is used as a trust and credibility signal when working with companies online that take payments or handle sensitive documents.

Other than that, online Form-A-Corp customer reviews are scarce. However there are a handful on Facebook.

To keep things simple for your research, here are the five customer reviews posted which Facebook deems “Most Helpful”:

Form-A-Corp Customer Reviews

Form-A-Corp Customer Review

Form-A-Corp Customer Reviews

Form-A-Corp Customer Reviews Online

Form-A-Corp Review

How Does Form-A-Corp Compare?

Form-A-Corp ComparisonIn comparison with other services, they’re not on the same level of branding, customer base or overall value as a service like IncFile.

However, Form-A-Corp shouldn’t be disregarded—they’ve got the basics covered and then some. Ultimately it comes down to whether or not they’ll meet your specific needs, and it might just take contacting their customer service reps directly to find out.

Most business filing services do a good job with customer service and on-going support, but if you’re wanting a dedicated 1-on-1 specialist, we highly recommend checking out Harbor Compliance. Yes, you’ll be paying more. However at the end of the day you’ll get a lot more value out of it.

At the end of the day, all three of these services are worth considering.


  • Pricing Starts at

  • 100,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone starting a business on a budget and need quick formation

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  • Pricing Starts at

  • 20,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone looking to work with a simplified & ‘a la carte’ formation service

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Harbor Compliance
  • Pricing Starts at

  • 10,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone wanting top-to-bottom formation and ongoing compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, that’s always an option. Head over to Startup Savant's How to Form an LLC and Corporation guides.

However, it’s our professional opinion that you’ll be better off hiring someone to do it for you unless you’re particularly savvy and don't mind handling paperwork. If you can’t afford a business attorney (which is ideal), online incorporation services are your second best option because they know what all is needed to get off the ground and compliant. They have systems in place.


For the most part, yes. They have a decent website curated around a simple 3-step process: learning about your entity, processing the proper forms, and providing whatever other services you need to launch your platform.


Nope. Form-A-Corp promises they’ll disclose all incorporation costs ahead of time. If you don’t chat with a customer service rep through your purchase, then make sure you read everything during the online checkout and pay attention to all checked and unchecked boxes.


Filing time differs from state to state, regardless of what provider you choose. Form-A-Corp’s motto describes their services as “Quick and Cost Effective,” so their goal is to help get things done efficiently.

Final Considerations

At the end of the day, it's all up to you to use Form-A-Corp. Their process is straightforward and they do claim to have 20,000+ business formations under their belt.

However since they are not accredited and have a number of errors on their website (reflecting the lack of attention to detail) we cannot put our full stamp of approval on Form-A-Corp.

From what we see they have happy customers, but after reviewing many of Form-A-Corp's competition, we think you would be in better hands with an alternative service. Trust your gut & good luck.

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