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Florida Business Licenses: Everything You Need to Know

Business Licenses

Every registered business (LLC, Corporation, DBA, etc) needs licenses and permits at state and federal levels to operate legally. This ensures that you are officially recognized as a legal business in the state of Florida.

This also guarantees that you become compliant with state maintenance requirements. Failure to comply with Florida business licenses can lead to various problems for your business, the least of which is monetary penalty for operating illegally and not complying with the necessary business licenses.

To help you follow through with all you need to operate your business in Florida legally, this page will provide you with some useful resources to comply with your business licenses in Florida.


1) MyFlorida.com

This MyFlorida.com page is the complete portal for all information with regard to business licenses and permits. It provides a complete list of all the required licenses and permits for any type of business and its nature, whether it specializes in providing goods or services.

Each link in the page directs you to the requirements of that particular license or permit. In addition, you can also do an online research on the portal’s information database for specific information not found on the page.


2) Florida Business Resource

The SBA has been continuously pursuing its goals of helping small business grow and thrive statewide. The Florida division of the SBA has a page dedicated to giving information on licenses, permits as well as registrations for the state of Florida.

From Florida business licenses to local permits for completion, this is discussed on the page. As well, specific page links to information resources are also provided that will give you a clear picture of what you need to do and how to do it.


3) Florida Division of Corporations

Out of all the resources that can help you file all the necessary requirements for business licenses in Florida, the Sunshine state’s Division of Corporations has dedicated a section of Doing Business in the state that includes business licenses and permits and how to comply with each of these requirements.

Application forms as well as detailed instructions on how to process those requirements are also available on the page. Various links for different information on how to form a business are also provided in the webpage with several links to resources to help you start your small business in Florida.

Note that this article is not legal advice or document, and it shouldn’t be taken as such. For information or further questions when it comes to Floria business licenses, permits and regulations or the process of starting a new business, your lawyer’s legal expertise should always be your point of reference.

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