LLC Operating Agreement Template Review LLC Operating Agreement

Finding a dependable resource for easy legal document creation can be difficult, especially if you’re not yet a master of corporate legal matters.

Luckily, my team and I have found a few great resources, like, who specialize in providing templates for LLC operating agreements and more.

Today we’ll take a look at a few of the pros & cons of the platform, some of their prominent features, and their pricing scale so you have a well-rounded view of the service. Enjoy!

Quick Note: Download a template or create a custom Free LLC Operating Agreement using our tool on How to Start an LLC. No credit card required, ever.

Pros & Cons of Templates

Pros of Templates

  • If you look at the competition, is actually pretty comparable from a pricing and features perspective.
  • The checkout process is fairly simple. (Just be sure to watch out for their $4.99 subscription popup window. If you don’t de-select this option, you will be charged for document storage.)
  • Their LLC operating agreement template comes with a free eSignature, is state-specific, and is actually very easy to download.
  • They provide samples of all their documents, so you can see exactly what you’re getting before purchasing anything. (Just make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed in order to view the images on their website.)

Cons of Templates

  • Now, this isn’t necessarily a con, but it might be a bit of an adjustment for those who aren’t yet internet wizards. offers four different file types across three different platforms (Microsoft, Mac, and Linux). Not all files are going to be compatible with your computer, so it takes some time to figure out what works.
  • is not like Rocket Lawyer because they don’t provide access to legal professionals as a part of your subscription. So, until you feel really comfortable looking over these documents by yourself, you should probably have a good legal mind on hand who understands the nuances and formalities.
  • At the end of the day, there’s no legal guarantee. If something goes wrong, you’re 100% liable. LLC Operating Agreement Alternative

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Rocket Lawyer ($39.95/mo)

Pricing & Features

Looking at the LLC operating agreement template, it’s about 13 pages long. That said, they offer a full package when you order one of their templates. The checklist is beginner friendly and also conforms to common legal language.

Single Document Download = $19.95

If you order the operating agreement template alone, you’ll end up paying $19.95, which is pretty affordable in comparison to some of the other services. What you get with this package is the ability to customize quite a few aspects, including:

  • Company Manager: This provision clarifies the identity and name of the managing member and their binding authority.
  • Name of Company: You’ll set the legal name of the company which you’ll be doing business under.
  • Management: Includes the identity of the managing member or members.
  • Rights & Duties: Solidifies the duties of members, specific meeting dates and notice provisions.
  • Contributions to Capital & Capital Accounts: Sets the amount of a member’s contribution and how accounts are to be maintained going forward.

When to Use: I would recommend this package most if you are looking for a one and done option. The single document package allows you to create an operating agreement that suites your needs and sends you on your way.

Combo Package = 8 forms for $39.95

But, if you’re looking for a more well-rounded package, they also offer the most common forms that people are likely to order along with LLC operating agreements. This option gives you access to the top 8 legal templates used by new businesses and entrepreneurs.

Findlegalforms llc operating agreement

When to Use: Again, this option is great if you’re looking for a low commitment. You can create and edit the 8 templates that are available to you, and if you would like to extend your access, you can then sign up for a subscription plan if you so choose.

Small Business Monthly Subscription = $2.50-$4.99/mo.

And if there’s still more that you’d like to get out of their service, they’ve got a couple subscription packages to choose from. This is great if you’re looking for long term solutions for legal documentation for your business.

You can choose any document from their large selection of offerings and store them on their platform. You can even edit these documents and save them multiple times as needs change.

When to Use: Unlike the previous two options, this package is great for small businesses that want to have something on standby for when your legal needs change. Whether it’s altering your existing documents to reflect changes or creating brand new documents, all of their templates are open to you.

Monthly Subscription for Corporations = $21.16-$49.95/mo.

For corporations who’ve outgrown the basic package, they also offer a premium package, which is great for those who need more options for legal documentation. You’ll have complete access to their 15,000+ templates and have access to features like:

  • Store up to 10,000 documents in your personal online vault. You can access them from any computer, and edit them whenever you need.
  • When you do want to edit and make changes, lets you keep multiple versions of all your documents. This is actually a very handy feature.
  • Secure all your documents and store in an encrypted server.

When to Use: The big difference here is that you’ll have even more access. With a larger volume of corporate templates available, this subscription plan will be able to handle the needs of an established business.

Recommended Package

For most, I’d recommend the small business subscription package. It covers all the bases and allows you to create and edit as many legal documents as you like. Plus, their monthly subscription fees are extremely cost effective and overall, some of the cheapest we’ve seen.

Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsOddly enough, there are plenty of companies out there that offer exceptional services but have seen very little in the way of customer testimonials. definitely falls into this category.

In our research, we were only able to find a small handful of reviews which have been included below to give you an idea of what’s out there.

Customer reviews as of 9-5-2017:
  • BBB: A+
  • TrustLink: 2.5/5, 4 reviews

Although there are only a few reviews, they do have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which rates their accredited businesses against 13 different metrics.

The most common complaint we found was that the customer support team was not as responsive as customers would have hoped for. Other than that note though, they still offer an extensive list of attorney prepared templates that users were impressed with and eager to try out.