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PlanGuru vs Enloop: Which is the Better Planning Software?

Planguru Vs Enloop

It can be difficult to write a business plan especially if you have zero experience writing one. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because business plan softwares simplify the process. Two of them being Enloop and PlanGuru.

However, before you choose the right planning software for you, read this review. This Enloop vs PlanGuru comparison will talk about their common and unique features, plans/subscriptions and prices.

What PlanGuru & Enloop Have in Common

PlanGuru and Enloop are two solid business plan softwares that have one common goal – to assist you in making a business plan. Apart from this, there are also other common features:

What Sets Them Apart

  • The only planning software that provides its users with more than 20 forecasting tools to use.
  • Offers other products such as the PlanGuru Analytics, Advanced Reporting add-in and PlanGuru cloud. You can choose from any of these based on your needs.
  • Can be used by non-profit organizations while Enloop doesn’t currently have the right features for these types of organizations.
  • Gives you a free version of the software, which you can use anytime you want – no expiration or trial periods. PlanGuru has a free version but it has a trial period of 30 days.
  • You can autowrite your plan with Enloop.
  • PDF plan downloads are well-organized and professional.
  • User-friendly templates, websites, interface and tools that will make business plan writing much easier. PlanGuru’s interface is not as friendly according to some users.

Pricing: PlanGuru vs Enloop


PlanGuru only has three plans, the PlanGuru Startup, PlanGuru Basic and PlanGuru Enhanced.

For $99, you can get useful features but it doesn’t include the 60 day money back guarantee and QuickBooks and Excel facility which means that you will not be refunded in case you’re not 100% satisfied and you will not be able to transfer financial information from other accounting applications.

Additional licenses are also not included in the plans. That means for every additional license, you pay $249 (except for PlanGuru Startup which is only meant for one user).

For $799, you get to have PlanGuru Enhanced which is PlanGuru’s most expensive and complete package. If you compare Enloop and PlanGuru, the latter is much more expensive. For those who are trying to find the most affordable plans, PlanGuru might not be right for them.

For an in depth look at the features you get with PlanGuru, check out our comprehensive review.



Enloop gives you the opportunity to try their business plan software minus the fees. It has a free version that doesn’t have an expiration date or trial period.

The first paid plan is called the Basic and is priced at $9.95/month. The second is the Advanced, priced at $19.95/month and the Professional which is $39.95/month. In my opinion, these prices are reasonable considering the features you’ll get.

Although it’s free version only has very basic features, it’s enough for you to assess the business plan software. If you’d like to try Enloop, sign up for the free version and move your way up depending on your business’ needs.

For an in depth look at the features you get with Enloop, check out our comprehensive review.

Which Should You Choose?

Enloop and PlanGuru are excellent planning softwares but it will be up to you to decide which is right for your business. If you’re looking for the best overall value, choose Enloop. You can clearly see Enloop’s advantage over PlanGuru through this comparison.

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