Enloop vs LivePlan: Which is Better?

Enloop Vs LivePlan

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative Enloop vs LivePlan article where we’ll take a sober look at how they stack up against each other. To get right o the point, we feel LivePlan is far superior on many levels, but it’s really about which one will serve you best. Let’s dig in and start with their commonalities.

What Enloop & LivePlan Have In Common

What Sets Them Apart

  • Enloop’s got an auto-write feature LivePlan doesn’t have.
  • Provides their own stylish presentation of automated forecasts, charts, graphs, that’s very different than LivePlan’s more aesthetic quality.
  • Enloop offers a free version which is VERY limited and can be buggy. LivePlan offers a 60-day money back guarantee with full access.
  • A more modern feel with plenty of industry-specifics (Enloop is fairly general) that definitely come in handy.
  • Some Enloop users complain of complicated templates and even difficult legal terms. LivePlan is extremely user/beginner-friendly.
  • Offers 10 beautiful and unique themes you can customize and curate.
  • LivePlan also works with non-profit organizations. Enloop doesn’t have the financial tools for this type of business structure.

Pricing: Enloop vs LivePlan

Enloop STARTS AT $6

For Enloop’s free version, you can make one business plan, a 3-year forecast, create an interactive PDF, you get a performance score,  share feature, customer support, multi-currency support and report card. But again, lots of customer reviews report that it’s buggy and also somewhat spammy with sales prompts.

For an in depth look at the features you get with Enloop, check out our comprehensive review.


Liveplan STARTS AT $11.66

Pretty straightforward – one plan, either monthly or annual.  If you choose to pay annually, it’s $11.66 (about $0.38 a day) for what I consider the best business planning software on the market. Startup Savant was planned on their platform and still maintained on it to this day.

Now here’s a look at the pitch section so you can see the aesthetic/function difference. See how much cleaner the website is?

For an in depth look at the features you get with LivePlan, check out our comprehensive review.

Which Should You Choose?

The choice is yours. If you’re really feeling unsteady and gunshy in terms of spending money, head on over to Enloop and experiment with their free version.

However, if you want to jump into LivePlan (don’t forget you can get 100% of your $ back no questions asked within 60-days), use the link below. You absolutely won’t regret it.

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