Enloop vs iPlanner: Which is Better?

Enloop Vs Iplanner

Hi, and welcome to Startup Savant’s take on the Enloop vs iPlanner software debate. Which is better suited for your average startup team or solopreneur looking to get the most out of their business? Let’s look at their package options, features, and style to get down to the bottom of things.

What Enloop & iPlanner Have in Common

What Sets Them Apart

  • Has a free (VERY basic) version you can use anytime you want because it doesn’t have an expiration or trial period.
  • Proprietary and convenient auto-write feature that, “automatically generates basic, customized text for eight sections of your business plan. The text includes real-time data from your financial forecasts embedded right into the sentences, syncing your text with your data and keeping your text up-to-date all the time.”
  • Gives you well-organized and professional business PDF’s to send out.
  • Provides basic templates that help you organize/structure your thoughts and ideas.
  • One of the only in the industry who offers individual network addresses for superior data security.
  • Their iPlanner app is also text/data intensive but can be nifty for those that don’t mind this kind of data presentation. Speaking of which…

Pricing: Enloop vs iPlanner


The way this is put together, their average customer dips their toes in the free version to see what kind of heat they’re packing. And because they probably only need one core business plan at the moment, not 3 or 5.

Then, as needed, or as features dictate, they scale up towards Advanced and Professional plans which are themselves no-brained affordable. To save time, breeze through the Professional plan features to see their full scope.

For an in depth look at the features you get with Enloop, check out our comprehensive review.


iPlanner STARTS AT $24

What’s weird is that because we’ve all become rather spoiled by and used to modern internet, many people find their website and pricing structure hard to figure out. Where’s the beginner-friendly version?

It’s the Professional plan that you get in three month increments. So you can try them out for about $24 and get 3 months of complete usage.

For an in depth look at the features you get with iPlanner, check out our comprehensive review.

Which Should You Choose?

Here’s the deal, if you’re the type of person that craves very basic software and Excel-type planning structures then iPlanner is the mobile-friendly choice to consider. Enloop though is also cloud-based and in our opinion has much more to offer. It’s also easier to use and implement.

That said, if you aren’t feeling either of these and would like a third option, our favorite is without a doubt LivePlan. It’s got everything, is very easy to use and we’ve been using it since Startup Savant was founded. Take a look, and here’s to a powerful year ahead.

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