Direct Incorporation Alternatives

Online Incorporation AlternativesGood for you, a prudent entrepreneur out shopping around for Direct Incorporation alternatives to ensure you’re aware of all your options. We’ve got 2 fabulous Direct Incorporation alternatives lined up with their own unique package deals and approach to the process.

But let’s be perfectly clear: forgiving certain circumstances and a small number of limitations, all three of these companies are safe and secure ways to incorporate. Collectively they represent decades of experiences and many tens of thousands of startups under their belts.


You Save $90

Myself and a good portion of the Startup Savant community feel IncFile is an excellent choice when you’re looking for a Direct Incorporation alternative. Why? Well, they save you money (Basic Package priced at $49) but also provide a vast array of features, amazing customer support, and a truly hassle-free experience.

You’re cordially invited to head to their site to have a gander. Check out their packages and the many perks. At the end of the day though they’re just a genuine operation that you’ll be glad to have in your corner throughout the lifespan of your business.


Rocket Lawyer
You Save $40

Direct Incorporation alternatives aren’t necessarily “better,” they might just offer niche products that represent more value given your circumstances.  Rocket Lawyer has earned A+ rating from the BBB, pride of its 100% satisfaction and money back guarantees, and ave a very straightforward process.

Rocket Lawyer offers incorporation services in a different way. Once a member you get a free seven-day trial incorporation service then pay a subscription fee of $49.95 which is still affordable if you compare it with many competitors. Non-members get business incorporation services for $99.95.

Ready to Get Started?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseListen to your gut. It only takes maybe 5 minutes browsing their websites before you feel which is the right direction based on pricing and package options.

They do a good job of boiling things down. If you decide to spend a few hours reading tons of stuff on Startup Savant you’ll quickly notice that all providers are within the same ballpark.

Given the context we’re in here, our seasoned suggestion would be to pick one below and commit. Get it done. Incorporate your business and start reaping the many rewards. Regardless of the choice, you’ll be in professional hands.