Do you need help forming a business, but aren't quite sure if Direct Incorporation is the best option for you and your new company? Never fear! There are quite a few options out there, so let’s briefly take a look at three of their core competitors - IncFile, LegalZoom & Rocket Lawyer.

Direct Incorporation stands out thanks to their advanced options, like the Venture package which includes web and graphic design, and even thorough trademark protection. But if you still have doubts — or just want to see what else is out there — keep reading because oftentimes the provider you choose will end up becoming a valuable asset in many ways over time.

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1. IncFile - $49

If your top priority is being cost-effective, IncFile is well worth considering. In fact, IncFile’s base-price package starts at just $49 and that price point’s tough to beat. As you probably guessed, IncFile doesn’t offer nearly as many features as Direct Incorporation does though. However, IncFile includes a full year of registered agent service with all of their incorporation packages, a feature which Direct Incorporation lacks. IncFile is also sporting loads of great customer reviews, and they handle a large volume of customers, with over 150,000 clients since opening their doors in 2004. If you want to save some money ($90+) without sacrificing anything in the customer-service department, we recommend giving IncFile a shot.

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2. Rocket Lawyer - $99

One of Direct Incorporation’s other competitors is Rocket Lawyer, a company known for doing things a bit differently than other document filing brands. While you can purchase a simple incorporation package from Rocket Lawyer for $99, the main focus of their services is on monthly subscriptions. So, for $49.95 per month, you get tons of additional features beyond just business formation. The real kicker is that Rocket Lawyer can set you up with a great lawyer at reduced rates for a variety of purposes, if you end up requiring professional legal assistance. The great thing about Rocket Lawyer is that you’re in complete control of how much you ultimately spend. You can cancel your subscription at any time, or keep it going if you feel you’re still extracting value. If this sounds good to you, maybe Rocket Lawyer’s worth a few more minutes of your time.

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3. LegalZoom - $149

LegalZoom is another interesting option, in a couple different ways. First off, LegalZoom’s experience is unrivaled in this industry, as they’ve served nearly 4 million customers since they opened their doors in 1999. That’s a massive experience advantage, when you consider that Direct Incorporation lays claim to around 60,000 customers over the years. If you’re forming your LLC or Corporation in one of the states where Direct Incorporation is on the higher-end of their 3-25 day turnaround times, keep in mind that LegalZoom’s Express Gold incorporation service can complete business formation filing within 7-10 days, regardless of state of formation. That could be a big deal if you’re in a hurry!

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Which Should You Choose?

Truth be told any of these three companies will do a fast, reliable job of helping you form your business. However, all three do have different approaches to business formation and compliance, and those differences may be enough to sway you one way or another. Whether you choose IncFile, Rocket Lawyer, or LegalZoom you’ll save time, money and hassle — leaving you free to actually run your business! If we absolutely had to choose just one Direct Incorporation alternative, we would recommend IncFile. IncFile is an incredibly popular company with their customers, and compared to their competition, offers the most bang for your buck. Plus, IncFile saves you $90 over Direct Incorporation!