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Want to Become an Authority Figure? Create a Digital Product!

Want to Become an Authority Figure? Create a Digital Product!No one wants to buy something or hire someone without some type of authority. They want someone they can trust and a leader in their industry. Although it takes time to build up that kind of brand image, there is something you can do right now to build your authority – create your own digital product!

Videos, eBooks, ultimate guides, checklists, how-to’s, tutorials and more. The kind of digital product you make is up to you. As long as it showcases you as someone who knows what they’re talking about. And that’s how you build authority.

Becoming an author sounds scary, but it really doesn’t have to be. I’m not suggesting you try to right the next bestseller. Rather, I’m suggesting you create a unique digital product on a topic that you know a lot about. Sharing knowledge is one of the best ways to build authority, while creating a new profit stream.


Step 1: Choose a Topic

The first step is to choose the right topic that showcases your expertise. Look around at others in your industry to see how they are creating authority products. Then create something that is better but unique. The topics and type of digital product are endless. You’re only limited by your imagination, so think outside the box.

Here’s a few examples:

Ann Readon, from How to Cook That, sells directions on how to make a wide variety of baked goods, like this Batman cake.How to Start a Product

Jessica Sepel, from JS Health, sells a wide variety of health related items, including guides, shopping lists, and this meal plan.Create a Product

Step 2: Create Your Masterpiece

This is where you can really shine. It’s where you teach, share, and communicate your unique talents. The biggest part of creating your digital masterpiece is making sure it’s professional.

If you’re creating a video series, have it professionally edited. If you’re creating a PDF or eBook (including any guide, template, how-to, etc.) have a professional cover designed. Try outsourcing this to Freelancer or Fiverr (services start at $5).


Step 3: Choose an eCommerce Platform

The first step to choosing an eCommerce platform depends on two important factors. Do you want to sell directly from your site, or do you want to sell on an eCommerce platform. As you’re trying to build authority, your digital product should be showcased on your site. There are many easy and affordable eCommerce platforms that can be embedded anywhere into your site.

Selz is a great option as it specializes in digital downloads. Your product can be sold from a sales page or Selz store, and it can be promoted anywhere on your site. Selz handles the entire sales transaction, from checkout to customer download. It’s easy to use, affordable, and works with most website platforms like WordPress and Blogger.

Tara Gentile uses Selz to sell her multimedia pack called Quiet Power Strategy, that teaches business owners 4 key decisions to cut through the noise and design a plan for success. This is exactly the kind of digital product that makes Tara an authority in her industry.

Sell A Product

Step 4: Market Your Authority

Now that you have a valuable, credible and awesome digital product, it’s time to market your authority. There are many ways to brand yourself as an expert, and everyone will have a slightly different approach. But here’s a few ideas to get started:


Become an Industry Leader

You’ll never become an industry leader overnight. But you can start building your authority immediately. Everyone has knowledge to share, so use this opportunity to start building your credibility and brand image. Creating a unique, valuable and informative digital product will increase your authority, regardless of your industry. And the best part, is you can also create a new profit stream at the same time!

Don’t be nervous or scared because you’re not a natural writer. Get help. Hire someone to ghost write your masterpiece if you want. Just don’t be afraid to create something new and plan for it to work. With the right digital product, you’ll go from novice to industry leader.

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