CorpNet vs. MyCorporation

Which Is Right For You?

Woman gesturing to four-star CorpNet and three point nine star MyCorporation.

Figuring out which business formation service is right for you can be tough, especially with so many reputable companies to choose from. To help make the decision process easier, we’re going to look at two popular options - CorpNet and MyCorporation.

In this CorpNet vs. MyCorporation comparative review, we’ll walk through their similarities, differences, important features, pricing and more to give you a clear understanding. So, without further adieu, let’s jump in!

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Most business registration services operate in a similar fashion. We’ll come back to this idea when we discuss prices and packaging, but that’s not all that these two companies share. They’ve got a number of intriguing features in common, including:

1) A+ Ratings: The Better Business Bureau runs a 13-step test for each of its registered companies - Corpnet and MyCorporation have come out of this test on top.

2) Guarantees: Both incorporation services offer 100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee.

3) Compliance: Corpnet utilizes B.I.Z. and MyCorporation has MaintainMyBiz, both of which are included in several packages these companies offer.

4) Customer Support: Both companies offer their members unlimited phone, email, and livechat support to answer questions and address concerns.

5) Registered Agent Services: In a number of packages, registered agent services are included which is a nice added value.

6) Order Tracking: Keep an eye on your formation at every stage of the process, from the second you confirm your details to when the approved documents land on your doorstep.

7) Affordable: Corpnet and Mycorporation offer a variety of packages in different price ranges for different types of clients.

With all these helpful tools, Corpnet and MyCorporation continue to impress customers with their packages and services. But there’s also a number of unique features in each company that differ quite a bit from the rest of the crowd. Let’s investigate!

What Sets Them Apart

Although they do share a ton of awesome features in common, there’s some distinctive differences to consider. We’ve broken a few down by company to give you an idea.


  • They offer free extras like business name checks and trademarks. With other providers these services can cost much more and must be purchased separately.
  • Use the code STARTUP10 when you order and you’ll receive 10% off!
  • Their processing and filing speeds are some of the fastest in the industry - as soon as 24 hours after ordering.


  • Their compliance tool, MaintainMyBiz, is extremely popular because it does a great job alerting members of upcoming legal obligations and helping with business management.
  • Some packages offer special bonuses such as online accounting, special rates for credit card processing, free domain name, and free logo design.
  • MyCorporation’s platform offers a robust network that allows members to share their concerns and get their questions answered quickly and easily.

Customer Reviews

How do customers feel about their services? As it turns out, both companies have pretty fantastic track records. We’ve included some of the most recent reviews on TrustPilot to show what current members are saying.


Over the years, CorpNet has collected 240 reviews and continues to maintain a TrustPilot score of 9.8 out of 10. Over 95% leave 5-stars reviews. Here, have a look for yourself!

CorpNet Customer Reviews 1

The next review also mentions the CorpNet service rep by name. One of the things people love is their small company feel.

CorpNet Customer Reviews 2

Of course, busy entrepreneurs make up a good portion of their clientele so you see a fair amount of quick and easy 5-star reviews like this one as well:

CorpNet Customer Reviews 3


MyCorporation also has an overwhelmingly positive string of reviews - 187 on TrustPilot so far like the ones below, with a 9.0 out of 10 rating. And MyCorporation reviewers, as you can see, have quite a bit to say.

MyCorporation Customer Reviews 1

If you didn’t want to read all that, Nicole basically explained how her whole experience was flawless thanks to MyCorporation’s approach to customer service.

MyCorporation Customer Reviews 2

And that’s a great point because most incorporation services are setup to scale with your company over time and be there helping to support it over the long haul.

MyCorporation Customer Reviews 3

Pricing Differences

In this industry, packaging can look almost identical from company to company. Heck, sometimes they even use the same names. Because of this, we dedicate an entire section to going over packages in order to detect the subtle differences and more obvious similarities.

At the surface level, the most important distinctions are structural style and cost per package. As we illustrate below, CorpNet offers three packages, while MyCorporation offers four. Because of this, their cost per packaging is a little different.

CorpNet vs Mycorporation pricing

There are a few more case-specific instances that explain this idea, but we don’t want to overload you with information. Here’s the three biggest points where we think their approach to pricing and packaging differs:

  • If you’d like access to corporate compliance tools, Corpnet might be better. B.I.Z. is included in all Corpnet packages, while MaintainMyBiz is only available as a $250 add-on or as part of the MyCorporation Premium package.
  • Corpnet filing is among the fastest in the industry. They include 24-hour filing in two out of three packages, while MyCorporation charges $100 extra for rush filing.
  • If you need a simple way to get incorporation paperwork and then obtain an EIN, MyCorporation might be better. Their basic package is $10 less than CorpNet and offers a $69 add-on to all packages for EIN filing.

Which Should You Choose?

Honestly, both of these companies are great options. But if we’re being nit-picky, we’d say CorpNet wins because they offer more features per package and maintain faster processing speeds.

If you’d like to learn more about CorpNet’s services, click the link below to go to their website, and don’t forget to use STARTUP10 at checkout for an extra 10% off. Cheers!

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