Founder Interviews

An Interview with Sone’ Ehabe’

Wed 01 Aug 2018 | By:
sone ehabe

Soné Ehabé’s love for all things design stemmed from an early age with her natural inclination towards fine art. Turning this love affair into a career began after graduating from Drexel University in 2005. Soné’s foundation for design was established at luxury brands Ralph Lauren and Hermes, where she was able to explore the aspects

An Interview with Steve O’Dell

Wed 01 Aug 2018 | By:
steve o

Steve O’Dell is a social entrepreneur and activist. He co-founded multiple companies including The Odd Job Brothers, KOTU Inc, Iliad Tech, Tenzo Tea, ACCESS and Ad Valorum. In terms of schooling, Steve briefly attended UCLA before deciding to leave to explore exciting entrepreneurial opportunities. While at UCLA Steve played volleyball, wrote op-eds for the Daily

An Interview with Lauren Holliday

Wed 01 Aug 2018 | By:
lauren holliday

Lauren Holliday is the creator of the first course on full-stack marketing. She’s a part-time editor at Entrepreneur and the managing editor of Vandelay Design. Lauren loves radical candor, the beach and companies that pay their interns. In this entrepreneur interview, Lauren shares how she likes to do things differently. She’s the definition of an entrepreneur who marches

An Interview with Vijay Mehra

Sat 11 Nov 2017 | By:
Vijay Mehra

Vijay Mehra is the founder of Journey Coworking (formerly ATX factory), a 14,000-square-foot Austin workspace that combines co-working and lifestyle amenities. Being a serial entrepreneur himself, Vijay experienced the frustration of getting plugged into an environment an office space that offered culture, energy, and a turkey solution with the companies he grew. Driven by the

An Interview with Erica Swallow

Sat 05 Aug 2017 | By:
erica swallow

Erica Swallow is a status-quo-wrecker and founder of Southern Swallow digital strategy consultancy. She works with corporate, startup, and public sector clients to help them communicate their visions effectively on the web. Alongside her consulting work, Erica enjoys discovering and telling stories worth knowing through her writings in Forbes, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal,

An Interview with Chris Williams

Wed 22 Mar 2017 | By:
Chris Williams

Chris Williams is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, volunteer, and the owner at Aginto Solutions who preaches that hard work solves almost every struggle in life. Throughout his journey, he learned that it can be easy to stumble and hard to get up, but it’s worth it. Hard work, being focused, and staying consistent aren’t lies –

An Interview with Richard Sheridan

Fri 03 Mar 2017 | By:
Richard Sheridan Headshot

Richard Sheridan and his co-founder, James Goebel, started Menlo Innovations in 2001 to “end human suffering in the world as it relates to technology” by returning joy to one of the most unique endeavors mankind has ever undertaken:  the invention of software. Through a unique approach to custom software design they named High-tech Anthropology®, Menlo produces custom software