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Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business Review

Is It Perfect For You?

Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business credit card reviewAre you looking for the best business credit card to expand your company’s financial horizons? Many companies like Capital One offer credit cards for entrepreneurs, but how do you decide which one is the right card for you?

To complement your own research, my team and I examined the details of every major business credit card. By sharing this information with you in a convenient manner, we hope to make your decision much easier.

This Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business credit card review goes over their pros and cons, fees and features, customer reviews and more. Is it the best card for your business?

Spark Miles Select for Business Pros & Cons


  1. My favorite aspect of the Capital One Spark Miles Select card is the fact that there’s no annual fee. When many competitors charge annual fees of nearly $100, this is clearly a major advantage for Spark Miles Select.

  2. With Spark Miles Select, you’ll receive 1.5 travel miles for each dollar you spend — most cards only give you 1 mile per $1. Also, you’re eligible for 20,000 bonus miles if you spend $3k in your first 3 months as a cardholder.

  3. Do you have a strong credit history? Spark Miles Select bases your APR on your creditworthiness, and your rate could be as low as 13.99%, which is a really great APR for a business credit card. On the other hand…


  1. If your credit has some imperfections, your APR might be as high as 21.99%. That’s not the absolute highest rate in the industry, but it’s also not too far from it.

  2. For some entrepreneurs, Spark Miles Select sets credit limits too low to work as a feasible primary business credit card.

Spark Miles Select for Business Fees & Features

The Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business credit card has no annual fee. Let’s take a look at how Capital One advertises this card on their own website, then we’ll talk details.

Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business Credit Card Fees & Features

With Spark Miles Select, you get an appealing collection of features that makes this an intriguing option as a business credit card. Here’s a sampling of the most important specifics.

  • No annual fee
  • 5 miles per $1 spent
  • 99%, 17.99% or 21.99% APR based on creditworthiness
  • 20,000 bonus miles when you spend at least $3k in your first 3 months
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Anti-fraud safeguards

Obviously, if your business doesn’t accrue many travel expenses, Spark Miles Select likely isn’t the right card for you. However, if you’re looking for a card that combines solid mileage rewards with no annual fee and a fair APR, you should give this card a long look.

Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsOne thing I consistently appreciate about Capital One is that they have comprehensive, honest feedback sections on their website for each of their credit cards.

When it comes to the Spark Miles Select card, most of the reviews are positive, with customers especially commenting on how much they enjoy the travel rewards and customer service. There are some customers who respond negatively though, saying their credit limits are too low to use the card as often as they’d like to.

Customer Reviews Section Last Updated 11-15-17

Conclusion: It’s mostly good news for the Spark Miles Select card in the customer feedback realm. Just make sure they’ll set your limit high enough for your liking, and you should be fine.

How Spark Miles Select Compares

Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business ComparisonConsidering how much time I’ve invested into business credit card research, I’ve naturally developed a few personal favorite cards. Of course, the goal here isn’t to talk you into using the same card I carry. The goal is to figure out if Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business is the right choice for you.

Spark Miles Select is a good business credit card if you have frequent travel expenses, but another card might be a better fit for other entrepreneurs. How does Spark Miles Select compare to another Capital One product, the Spark Cash card? Let’s find out!

Fees: Spark Cash has a $95 annual fee, although they do waive this fee for your first year. Spark Miles Select does not charge an annual fee. Both cards are free of foreign transaction fees though.

Cashback: With Spark Cash, you’ll receive unlimited 2% cashback on all purchases. Spark Miles Select uses a travel mileage rewards system, giving you 1.5 miles per $1 spent, which comes out to a bit less than 2%.

Bonuses: Spark Cash offers new cardholders a $500 cash bonus if you spend $4,500 in your first 3 months. Spark Miles Select gives you 20,000 bonus miles when you spend at least $3k in your first 3 months.

APR: Spark Cash has an APR of 17.99% for all qualified applicants, whereas Spark Miles Select uses an APR based on creditworthiness. Your rate could be as low as 13.99% or as high as 21.99%.

Here’s A Quick Visual

Spark Miles Select
  • Service Charge Starts at

  • 1.5x miles per dollar no-limit per day

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone with excellent credit wanting a startup-friendly credit card

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Spark Cash
  • Service Charge Starts at

  • unlimited 2% cashback everyday

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone looking for business credit card with unlimited rewards

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Common Questions

Do They Provide Fraud Protection?

They sure do! All Spark Miles Select cardholders receive Capital One’s comprehensive fraud alerts, and you have no liability for any fraudulent purchases that may be charged to your account.

Is It Easy to Get Cards for My Employees?

Acquiring employee cards doesn’t get much simpler. Capital One provides Spark Miles Select cards for your employees free of charge, and you’ll earn full mileage rewards for their cards just like you do for your own. Furthermore, you can manage them with ease on their website.

Are There Any Other Special Features?

The Spark Miles Select card also includes quarterly and annual summaries to help you with your budget. This can really simplify your bookkeeping by providing you with customized, itemized reports of all the activity on your account.

Should You Use Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business?

The Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business credit card is worth a score of 4.1/5 in my book. There’s no annual fee, and applicants with strong credit history can get a great APR.

Whether you’re ready to apply for your own Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business card, or if you would like to take some more time to review other options, simply use the buttons below and you’re on your way!

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