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4 Business Plan Software Tools You Can Try Risk Free

Business Plan Software Tools You Can Try Risk Free

Okay, so you’ve made the wise decision to leverage modern business plan software, but you’re not sure who you want to go with yet and lookin’ta dabble. Great! We got you covered. In this article we’ll breeze through four premium providers who all have free trials or trial periods with 100% money back guarantees. Enjoy!


Our #1 Pick: LivePlan

Startup Savant’s first business plan was designed on LivePlan where it’s still updated and maintained to this day. We love it because of it’s suite of features and affordable pricing. They’re definitely hard to top which is why they’re so popular among our readership.

LivePlan Business Plan ExamplesFor just $11.66 per month (when billed annually), you’ll gain access to legions of clean and tested business plan templates, share and collaboration features, and their smorgasbord of training/guide materials including high-quality video!

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#2: Business Plan Pro

Business Plan Pro offers some of the most polished business plan software around, but ironically they still aren’t compatible with Mac (LivePlan is though). Their presentation is a little more old school but countless entrepreneurs love them.

Business Plan Pro Example

Features include financial wizards, templates and automatic calculators, 500+ sample plans, a financial model, ebooks and other training materials galore…the works starting at $99.95 for its Standard edition. Such small investments for all this amazing value, right? These providers are really something and each have their own “vibe” if you know what I mean.

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#3: PlanGuru

PlanGuru, first of all, has a proven track record and a huge platform dedicated to helping/training their customers to become more successful. They also have a great dashboard and a large community in their corner. If you’ve been a big Excel user, you’ll probably love them (or gravitate to a more LivePlan-style).

PlanGuru Example Screenshot

PlanGuru’s most affordable plan, the Startup is priced at $99 and features: unlimited projections, budgeting/forecasting for up to 10 years, financial statement structure, archived budget feature and over 20 forecasting methods to choose from. It also has other plans, so if you need more features, you can always upgrade.

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#4: StratPad

First of all, we love StratPad’s website which makes their software that much easier to use. The only critique is that they could communicate their services a little better. Sometimes they seem a little all over the place. In terms of their business plan software though…it’s incredible!

StratPad Business Plans Screenshot

StratPad Review

For $12.95 monthly, you can get a nice downloadable business toolkit, lots of intuitive learning resources, financial engines galore and the StratPad Connect tool that helps you look for the right resources and investors (very useful). StratPad also uses well-produced video instructions which feature its founder as an added bonus.

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Who's It Going To Be?

And there you have it, four great business plan software providers that you can test and tinker with and not have to worry about wasting any of your precious capital! If anyone understands the funding needs of a startup, we sure do.

That said, we have a partnership going so if you want you can click below and get 25% off LivePlan. Thanks so much for stopping by and here's to another bright year ahead!

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