Business Plan Pro vs StratPad: Which is Better?

Business Plan Pro vs StratPadWelcome to Startup Savant’s comparison article that breaks down the Business Plan Pro vs StratPad software debate. Which is the ideal solution to help you plan, pitch, track, and grow your business? Just keep reading, within the span of a couple minutes you’ll know for sure. Enjoy!

What Business Plan Pro & StratPad Have In Common

What Sets Them Apart

  • Business Plan Pro is seasoned software with over a decade in the market and legions of users.
  • Easily sync with pre-existing streams of accounting data from popular programs like Xero and QuickBooks.
  • Their 11,000+ industry profiles tend to come in handy along with the graphic forecasting models.
  • Business Plan Pro is simple with clean templates, wizards and automatic calculations through their Plan Review feature.
  • StratPad has a sub-application, StratPad Connect which helps you find the right resources including potential investors and lenders, professional advice and a lot more. (This is a great tool)
  • Can run on MacBook computers unlike Business Plan Pro.
  • They have a free version you can tinker with but it’s been known to be buggy and there are sales prompts. Gives a good idea though.
  • StratPad Connect is designed to help get you connected with investors and funding!

Pricing: Business Plan Pro vs StratPad


Business Plan Pro has two editions of their software, Standard and Premier. The difference being Premier comes with 9 additional features. Here’s the top 5 for your average entrepreneur or startup:

  1. You’ll be able to create your own plan templates.
  2. You’ll get a tool that helps estimate the value of your company.
  3. You’ll be able to create an investment offering table for potential funders.
  4. Quarterly and 2-year financial data.
  5. Their Profit and Loss: Plan vs Actual feature.

For an in depth look at the features you get with Business Plan Pro, check out our comprehensive review.



If you’re like the vast majority of our readers, you’re in one of two groups. Group A should start with their Business Plan option to get their hands wet then scale up as necessary. Group B should just go with the Planning Expert option and dive in! Do you need to become a certified advisor? No, obviously not if you’re too busy running your own brand.

Another big point here is that both companies have great modern customer service, not cheap calling centers. If you’re the type that would rather talk to someone first, most providers in the business planning software industry are AMAZING when it comes to customer service because they themselves are entrepreneurs, planning and running companies and have worked with hundreds of thousands of folks like us.

For an in depth look at the features you get with StratPad, check out our comprehensive review.

Which Should You Choose?

Chances are Business Plan Pro has more to offer you than StratPad because the software is designed for solopreneurs, small teams, and medium-sized business. Although StratPad has an amazing platform, Business Plan Pro has been/is used by over 1 million brands so it’s finely-tuned.

LivePlan is actually made by the same company as Business Plan Pro, it’s their newer, leaner, and extremely user-friendly software that’s geared more towards creating presentation-ready plans. If you’re looking for software, you should check them out! Cheers and here’s to an incredible year ahead.

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