Business Plan Pro Alternatives: The Top 3

Online Incorporation AlternativesYou’re here for Business Plan Pro Alternatives so I won’t waste your time with anything else. Below are Startup Savant’s top 3 and our favorite’s been saved for last. There’s links below each if you’re in the clicking mood.

Hopefully you’re ready to make a move, start professionally planning your biz, and seize upon the provider that’s most your style.


$11.66 to $19.95/month

Startup Savant’s business plan has been on their cloud-based platform from day 1 folks. In our opinion, they simply can’t be beat in terms of overall features, pricing, and value. They’re about helping you create and maintain presentation-ready and super-collaborative business plans.

  • Their Pitch Builder makes refining value propositions a much smoother and somewhat enlightening when you’re unclear.
  • They provide over 500, primarily user-submitted, example industry-specific business plans to keep you inspired.
  • They’re the most user-friendly. Absolutely new entrepreneurs and beginners can dive right in without problem and begin extracting value.

You should also know they have a solid 60-day money back guarantee with full access to their entire platform. Why? Because chances are you’ll love their step-by-step approach as much as I and countless Startup Savant readers do.


Free to $39.95/month

Here’s a peak behind the Enloop curtain so you can get a feel for their dashboard and navigational structure. A great option and inexpensive at a mere $9.95/mo.

  • A convenient and customizable auto-write feature that helps planning/strategyzing take a little less time.
  • Their collaboration features are user-friendly and well-integrated.
  • You can easily import accounting details from other popular software for your financial planning.

Free to $199.95/month

StratPad weighs in at $12.95/mo, you can make up to 5 business plans, with unlimited email support. As you can see, they keep things pretty simple in terms of website design and how they present data: charts, graphs, modeling, etc.

  • Create conventional looking financial statements in a couple clicks.
  • Lots of decent learning/training resources such as webinars, video tutorials, workshops and more.
  • StratPad Connect is all about helping you get in contact with potential investors, lenders, stakeholders, etc.

Ready To Write An Awesome Business Plan?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseAnd there you have it, Business Plan Pro alternatives worthy of some investigation for sure. Here’s to a better-planned, more strategic and growth-fueled year ahead for us all. It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur!

At the end of the day, LivePlan is our top pick due to the features, ease of use and pricing it offers new entrepreneurs. Feel free to grab your 25% off discount and try it for 60 days risk free. If you don’t like it as much as we do, simply ask for a refund.