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How To Choose The Perfect Logo For Your Startup Business

joetein LogoImagine the famous Golden Arches of the McDonald’s logo in purple instead of their signature yellow. What if the iconic Coca-Cola logo were suddenly green instead of red?

Could you imagine the Google logo in black? A logo is more than just a brand name; a logo is a way of encapsulating the essence of the brand.

Logos have a way of evoking emotions, and those emotions can produce a strong sense of connection and brand loyalty in the consumer.

Have you ever noticed the calm and peaceful feeling you get if you walk into a room painted green?

Or how yellow can make you a little hyper? (I literally don’t wear yellow shirts because of this.)

Color plays a massive role in how a logo is received by consumers, so choosing the right color is as important as the logo design itself. Different colors are linked with different emotions.

Before we talk about how colors actually have have effects on your customers perception of your newly established business, let me give you a couple real world examples with the Startup Savant logo.

Startup Savant Logo

1st Startup Savant logo

This is the logo we used for the first year of our companies existence. Since we serve awesome entrepreneurs like yourself, we wanted to portray that we ‘meant business’ (no pun intended) and that you could trust the information we provide.

Just to see what might happen, we switched it up and implemented a new logo.


Startup Savant

2nd Startup Savant logo

We decided to introduce a new logo to our social media profiles that portrayed the creative spirit of entrepreneurs – that also were ready to learn how to build an awesome business. The results were amazing. Not only did we start generating more revenue and trust, but we also started getting more shares and follows on social media.

It was almost like people wanted our logo to be in their social media feed. To be associated with our brand.

Cool, right?

Now let’s dig in and find out what colors you should use for your business’ logo!

Primary colors tend to have more intense associations, and many of the world’s most valuable brands utilize a primary color scheme. If you want to stimulate the feelings of passion, trust, or love, consider a logo that is red or mostly red.

Blue can evoke comfort, faith, understanding, confidence, and trust. While yellow can be used to express joy, vitality, energy, and newness.


Where does it all start?

Brand recognition starts in childhood. A University of Amsterdam study found that two and three year old children recognize more than half of famous logos without word-marks. This means that even before children even learn to read, they are capable of understanding that certain logos are attached to certain products.

The Nike swoosh means a pair of sneakers. The red swirly letters of the Coca-Cola logo mean a delicious, sweet, bubbly brown drink. Apple’s silver apple means screen time or game play.

This loyalty is often established in childhood, many times before a child is an active consumer. Choosing a simple, easily recognizable logo design with a purposeful color is essential in maximizing your marketing potential.


How to choose the colors for your startup logo

When selecting a color for your brand, begin to think about what color represents your brand’s personality.

Is your company fun, fresh, and edgy? Consider using yellows or oranges in your logo.

Next, think about what color suits the characteristics of your products or services. Using yellow – a color associated with happiness, sunshine, and energy – would not be best suited to a funeral home logo. Finally, think about what colors your competitors are using. What vibe are they portraying?

It’s important for your business to stand out. Choosing a color that is the opposite of your main competitor can help customers differentiate between you.

As you choose your logo color, or colors, don’t forget to think about the functional impact color has on issues like readability, eyestrain, the ability to attract attention, and visibility at night.

For instance, an all yellow logo may be hard for your customers to see if you offer products or services to older folks.

A fantastic logo is worthless if your potential customers can’t comfortably read it or if it blends in to the background. Above all, remember that simplicity is your greatest asset as you design your logo.


Where to get your perfect business logo

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what color and style your logo should look like, you need to find a designer that can make it happen. (If you still aren’t sure, check out the infographic I added below.) Here are two great options for you to choose from.

99designs1. 99designs: 99designs is the world’s leading design contest marketplace, powered by a massive community of designers and business owners. Basically that means you get a ton of designers from around the world to create your logo – and you choose the best one for a single flat fee.

This is a great option if you’re really picky and are looking for something specific. All you have to do is plug in the following information and watch the designs start coming in. (100% money back guarantee. You get a design you love or your money back.)

choosing a logo for your business

how to choose a logo

logo for your business


fiverr2. Fiverr: Fiverr is another great option if you can find the right designer and are able to communicate with them well enough. All you have to do is choose a designer from the listed ‘gigs’ that are offered on the website and make a purchase.

From there, you give the designer your information and what kind of logo you’re looking for. If you have an example logo, send it over as well. Although Fiverr is much cheaper than 99designs, you may have to give it 3-4 times before you find the right logo for your business (even if they’re got a nice portfolio).

So if you’re looking for a professional, yet extremely affordable logo for $5, go with Fiverr. If you want a hands off solution and a ton of options that will be higher quality, go with 99designs.

Choosing a business logo

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