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27 Bluehost Reviews You Need to See

Bluehost PricingBluehost is a web hosting service founded in 1996. This web hosting service is built based on open source technology and it is considered as one of the biggest cloud based hosting companies.

If you want a website, all you have to do is sign up for Bluehost and this web hosting firm will make sure it is online and stays that way. Bluehost offers a lot of features including a one click WordPress install, Google Integration, 24/7 support and a lot more.

Bluehost is also very affordable with its web hosting service starting at $3.49 every month. But before you consider signing up for their services, check out these Bluehost reviews to see what other users are saying.

At the end, I’m confident you’ll know if Bluehost is right for you.

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Try it risk free: If you decide Bluehost is right to host your future website and would like to give it a shot, try it risk free with their 30 day month back guarantee. Enjoy!


27 Customer Bluehost Reviews

I like the control panel of bluehost, which is extremely good but the cost of bluehost is slightly more as compared to hostgator. The control panel of bluehost of is very easy to understand and access. Apart of control panel the support is extremely brilliant. All i want to say if you are thinking and first timer then must try bluehost hosting.

– Aman G.

Bluehost absolutely rocks! There is no such host available for the price and support.The support forums and ticket system is absolutely fast and the uptime speed cannot be beaten! That is great!

– Marky H.

I was with Bluehost shared hosting for years until they started outbound filtering of email which causes the mail forwarding set in cpanel to break. The effect of the change was that you would get some mail forwarded, but other mail would drop and you would never know. I had to move my hosting to another company since not receiving some emails is not something I could tolerate.

– John G.

BlueHost is a really great hosting company from my experience with them and it is the host that I recommend to my customers. It takes only 5 mins to setup then you are good to go, it is really easy to transfer or point domains to bluehost as well so a lot of time is saved and if you get stuck you can really easily contact them either by phone or live chat. The plans they offer have really competitive prices and come fully loaded with a whole host of features and one-click-installs. Overall BlueHost really is the greatest due to its high end US based support, pricing and features!

– Noah S.

BlueHost is the best hosting website i have ever used. I am a professional web developer and i create many website daily but the hosting services BlueHost provide no one else have provided. 5 stars to BlueHost.

– Vishal G.

I’ve been BlueHost customer since 2011 and I always recommended my all clients and friends to this wonderful hosting. I have never come across any problem so far except one time when they locked out one of my hosting account. But they were very prompt in informing me and gave me reasons and then supported me till the issue is resolved and got my sites live within next few hours. I love their support.

– Saqib K.

Since joining last year I’ve had all my sites go down twice for about a 24 hour period. Currently I’m having issues with Database connection errors on multiple sites that they cannot explain. The errors come and go randomly. It’s a decent service, but definitely does not get high ratings from me.

– Brian B.

Bluehost has been the most convenient way to host. Iv had three websites put up on bluehost and i love how they operate. Warnings before every maintenance and very fast support. I will continue using bluehost and i recommend it to everyone out there. Cheers!

– Francis K.

I was looking for a host and my friend told be about bluehost first i thought it was an ord. hosting company but when i tried it i liked it.Whenever i m having any issue related to hosting BlueHost Staff is there to help me.There uptime is really good i never saw my website down after choosing them.Their features are great aswell.I simply loved that hosting! You guys should try it too!

– Jary Z.

My business knew no bounds since the day i got introduce to BlueHost, with 100% service uptime Bluehost stands out from the rest with great support and affordable services.

– Michael R.

Bluehost offers just about everything one could ask for. Their customer service, however, is not sufficient for me to remain a happy customer. When online chat times are measured in hours, that is not OK.

– Nancy C.

The very first time I wanted to host my client’s web content, I was very green in the web hosting business. Of course I had always hosted via third parties. It was my first time now. I was spoilt for choice. I looked at a very long list of probable hosting providers, their prices, their offerings, the rebates, the discounts, the uptime guarantee and of course, availability (Support). Being in Africa (Kenya) made it even more difficult as we mostly use preloaded debit cards. The fact that I chose BlueHost tells it all. My pre loaded debit card is accepted for payments at my preferred hosting provider. I have never been let down by BlueHost. I would endorse any company or individual that wants to host with them.

– Peter O.

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Perfect hosting company, I am using their hosting services since 2 years and still I never get any headache. Their support team is brilliant. At least I am not going to leave BlueHost at any cost.

– Salma N.

Bluehost is awesome, They always have my websites up and running 24/7. Their support is also super quick at responding to our emails.

– Mattie O.

Bluehost has excellent customer service. I signed up and about a week later I saw they were running a special on the hosting price. I contacted them and they gave me the option to get the promotional price, no problem!!! Just know what you are asking, be specific, ask for supervisor if the agent working with you is unable to assist you.

– Kenny S.

Great uptime and support.. I have not had a problem with data or bandwith so far.. Probably the best shared hosting out there with an easy to us control panel.

– Ahmed M.

I have used many webhosting websites, BlueHost is my favourite website. It has great uptime, support and features better than anyone.

– Chris S.

Bluehost currently is not my hosting but has most of my domains. Bluehost had my hosting business til I decided to try a GoDaddy Reseller account- after deciding that wasn’t for me, I settled with a different Hosting that was less expensive. Otherwise they were fine in terms of support, et al

– Eric W.

It’s good to be their customer and I sometimes think why I didn’t purchased their hosting account from the beginning when I started building websites and purchasing hosting with some other companies. So I likes this domain m\page very much.

– Amal K.

I’ve been hosting with BlueHost for the last 5 years. I can’t say enough about their customer service. Always timely and accurate. This is, by far, the best hosting service I have used, and I’ll continue to use them.

– Cory O.

Bluehost rocks – every time I have called regarding a recent website migration, the staff has been extremely helpful! Not only a person answering the phone, but help too… unheard of in my experience with hosting companies. Person who helped me was Jhon Boone

– Chuck B.

I have used Bluehost for a few years and was totally happy. Recommended it to other people, too. But in the last couple of months, a very important feature has disappeared. I have contacted support about it several times, and nothing ever gets resolved. Support has always been great and helpful. Now they are still courteous, but not so helpful.

– Cathleen C.

Blue Host was fantastic and i don’t regret going with them, they have a good support team that has fixed all my inquiries. I don’t know any code at all but that doesn’t matter, using their one click installs you do not need technical expertise. I have recommended this site to my friends.

– William T.

I am using Bluehost hosting service for more than 10 years for my business. They are offering amazing service and packages which suits small to mid size and large enterprise corporations . Outstanding Support, Speed and Flexibility, Blazing Fast Servers, SSH Secure Shell Access and lots of features.

– Sandeep K.

I love Bluehost since I had my domain for a couple of years now and so far I have no problems. I like the design of the domain panel and I got a really good price. I would recommend Bluehost.

– Bill T.

So far I have had ZERO problems with BlueHost The e-mail works great unlike godaddy, and the Cpanel is easy to use with tons of features. The value is great one price gets you unlimited everything.

– Joe S.

Bluehost has been a great platform for me. I host many websites there and the pricing plans are tough to beat. I get my domains at godaddy and host my sites at bluehost. It has been a good working combination!

– Steve V.

They always treat me right and are very quick to reply. I like the full array of features available, too

– Iggy M.

BlueHost Rocks! We were having trouble getting onto the Weebly site via BlueHost. It was very frustrating. I emailed BlueHost and let them know about the problem. They responded in about 15 minutes. They recommended that I use either Foxfire or Google Chrome instead of Explorer. I made the switch to Google Chrome and it worked. YAY!!”

– Leslie G.

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