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Which Is Right For You?

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Figuring out which online incorporation service is ideal can seem daunting, especially when there’s such a volume of information online. To save time, we’ve created this BizFilings vs (formally called The Company Corporation) comparison to break things down a bit.

We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of both companies, and list the notable similarities and differences for each. Afterward, you’ll have the opportunity to look through some customer reviews, get a feel for their packages and pricing, and find out which one ranks higher.

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Common Features

Many companies within this industry look super-similar at first glance. BizFilings and are no exception. Let’s take a look at a handful of great ways they’re similar.

1) A+ Ratings: Both have gone through Better Business Bureau’s accreditation program and came out with shining A+ ratings.

2) Guarantees: Both offer 100% money back and satisfaction guarantees, so they’re essentially risk-free services.

3) Compliance: Bizfilings has BizComply and has Compliance Watch, both of which help keep you compliant through each year in business.

4) Tracking: During the business registration and approval process, both companies send regular alerts to keep you updated on your progress.

5) Resources: Both offer intensive learning centers you can access at any time and find the answers to all your incorporation questions.

6) User-friendly: Both company websites are easy to use and intuitive, so you won’t waste time tinkering around in a clunky interface.

What Sets Them Apart

While there are some really great features both companies share, it’s really their differences that are important to be aware of.

Some incorporation services offer things others don’t, so it’s critical to make sure your needs match up. Notable features like’s 115 year track record and BizFiling’s free Registered Agent service stand out quite a bit compared to most of their competitors.

Here’s some bullet point info that should help you quickly see where they differ and where they stand out:


  • Lifetime access to their legal document library.
  • Business License Wizard
  • Free Coupons & Add-Ons
  • $25 Logo Design
    • Free 800# for your business
    • And many more!
  • Business Verification Tool

  • $50,000 Corporate Veil if you run into legal trouble because of your documentation.
  • A Track Record of over 115 years in the industry.
  • Free Business Guide available without membership!

Customer Reviews

You’d think after so many years in business, both companies would gain a considerable amount of customer reviews. But, strangely enough, in this industry that’s not always the case. and BizFilings are examples of companies who have years of valuable experience under their belts, but only a few scattered reviews to attest to that expertise.

In the interest of full disclosure, let’s talk about what each of these companies receive in terms of customer reviews. And to be frank, they’re unfortunately not that great. Some are definitely better than others, so we’ve broken it down by each business formation service below to give you a quick synopsis of what users are saying.


BBB Rating Bizfilings

BizFilings reviews go back and forth. Some are fantastic, and customers were thrilled with the simplicity of their system, while others craved more features. There are next to zero middle of the road reviews, with the vast majority falling on either side of the spectrum.

Of the positive reviews, there are some common trends. Ease of use being one of them. This company is ideal if you’re just getting started and you’re looking for something quick and easy.

Bizfilings BBB Composite Score

But once you get into customization and special features, the reviews start to fall apart. They’ve had a few issues with customer service and confusing charges, similar to, but not as many if you look at the two comparatively.

The company Corporation BBB RatingDespite having over 115 years in the incorporation industry, the few online customer reviews they have are fairly critical.

Most of the complaints however, center around their customer service, which can be hard to master at such high-volume.

A few of these reviews have been overtly lashing, so we thought it best to talk you through the major complaints. As mentioned, their biggest complaint centers around customer service, as well as some issues with checkout process and ongoing fees.

The company corporation composite_scoreWhat we kept seeing in these reviews was a pattern of a customer being reasonably pleased, receiving a charge they weren’t aware of, then trying to contact customer service and receiving varying degrees of unpleasantness.

But with that, and with the Bizfilings reviews as well, take everything with a grain of salt. Both of these companies have been in the industry for years, so there are hundreds of positive reviews for each dissatisfied customer.

Plus, their A+ ratings from BBB ensure that you’re getting into business with a top notch company regardless.

Pricing Differences

Most companies in the online incorporation industry have similar features and pricing. The key in terms of BizFilings and is looking for the subtle differences between their packages.

As you can see, both companies follow a simple structure with three packages in each. They follow the same basic outline of Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced with pricing and services included as you move up the chain.

Pricing for each service starts at $99. From there, the structure is as follows:

Bizfilings vs

First, if you’re looking to save money, BizFilings is going to be the better option unless you’re only interested in’s Starter package.

Note: The biggest reason for that leap in price between these two companies is thanks to’s Business Coaching services and Online Guidebook. These resources are pretty intensive, but definitely not required. If you're already pretty business savvy, you don’t need these.

There are a few additional advantages to cross-checking their packages. For example, you can actually get your EIN for significantly cheaper through’s Essential package.

While it’s more expensive than the BizFilings equivalent, EIN filing is only available through BizFiling’s Complete package, which is $70 more. It’s for reasons like this we strongly recommend you compare/contrast packages from different providers.

Which Should You Choose?

In the end, it’s really up to you. We highly-encourage you to make a mental list of all of the tools, features and services you’d like to see in an ideal business formation service, and use that as a guideline when researching different services.

But, in our opinion, between these two BizFilings beats out in a few minor areas. Their prices are a bit more budget-friendly, and there’s room for customization in their packages. Use the links below to head over to their websites and dig a bit deeper.

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