BizFilings vs Rocket Lawyer

Which Is Right For You?

BizFilings Vs Rocket Lawyer

Sizing up business filing services can be a challenge when the top dogs all look so similar upon first glance. Which package is best, and are all those features necessary? Who has the most professional customer service?

To help, we’ve created a number of comparison guides on some of the most popular brands in the industry so you can see who’s who, and what’s what.

In this BizFilings vs Rocket Lawyer comparison, we’ll go through commonalities, major differences, pricing, package options, and more in a fun and structured way. You’ll learn why each of these companies are great for different reasons, perfect services for modern entrepreneurs. Enjoy!

Common Features

Because of the nature of the filing and incorporation process, along with annual compliance needs, BizFilings & Rocket Lawyer have some exciting commonalities:

1) Both have passed Better Business Bureau rigorous approval process and sport A+ ratings.

2) Worried about satisfaction? Put your mind at ease, because both of these companies have 100% money back guarantees and risk-free services.

3) BizFilings and Rocket Lawyer keep you up to date with regular notifications about your documents or other legal necessities so you stay compliant.

4) Both provide quick and easy name searches and availability checks for your business entity.

5) Both have highly-responsive customer service teams. For BizFilings, they’re awesome when it comes to the general incorporation process, while for Rocket Lawyer, they offer that along with access to real legal professionals at less expensive rates.

What Sets Them Apart

When we look at the differences between the two, the main distinction is in how they handle pricing and packages, but we’ve put that aside in it’s own respective section.

In order to visualize exactly how these two differ in their offerings, we’ve put them side by side in this Venn Diagram so you really see where their similarities and differences are.

Bizfilings vs Rocket Lawyer Comparison

As you can see, while they have quite a few things in common, there are some important ways they diverge from one another But, frankly we’re just getting started. Let’s dive into pricing and features.

Pricing Differences

BizFilings and Rocket Lawyer operate in two very distinctive ways. Starting off with BizFilings, their pricing and packages are pretty similar to the majority of companies in the industry. Don’t worry, we’ll break them down below.

  • Basic
  • Deluxe
  • Complete

Depending on the service or services you’re ordering, the price, included perks and available tools will differ. For example, overnight shipping is only available through the Deluxe and complete packages, while the business name search is available as a free included perk in all three.

Also, packages will build on each other, so the services that you’d find in the Basic package are included in the Deluxe package as well plus a few more additions. Bizfilings Pricing Package

Rocket Lawyer works a little differently, and can seem be a smidgen confusing at first. Once you get an idea of what they do though, the concept is pretty simple. They separate into two basic options:

  • Member: many of the perks such as access to a legal professional, are included.
  • Non-member: you’re free to pick the services and perks you need, but it costs extra.

Rocketlawyer Pricing Calculator

From here, it divides one more time between the Premium and Accelerated packages and it’s not hard to guess why they recommend their Accelerated package for most small businesses and entrepreneurs.

You can choose to either pay monthly or yearly, depending on personal preference, but their yearly prices are $399 and $499 respectively.

Rocket Lawyer Pricing Table

Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsHow do their customers feel about their experiences?

Strangely enough, there are several companies in the industry who have been in business for years, but only have a few scattered reviews across several sites.

Both BizFilings and Rocket Lawyer are in this unique position. We were able to find a few reviews to show you a comparison of the two companies however.



On our hunt for reviews, we found that BizFilings had customers in two basic camps for the most part: thrilled and highly-disappointed. As you can see below, almost the same issue was addressed in opposite ways. One reviewer thought the service took far too long, while the other thought they were responsive and quick to complete all necessary documentation.

The discrepancy might actually be because of state times. Different states file at different times.  For states like Alabama, that can be up to 8 weeks, which is quite a while to wait.

Bizfilings Review 1

Bizfilings Review 2

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer fairs similarly when it comes to customer reviews. But we did manage to find a few from a couple different sources. The overall feedback was positive, but as the first reviewer mentions, there are some negative ones out there. Keep a wary eye when reading reviews and remember: everyone needs are different.

Rocket lawyer Review 1

Rocket Lawyer Review 2

As you can see, the reviews are really a mixed bag. With both companies, some people have enjoyed their experience immensely, while others felt the services they received were sub-par or confusing.

With most reviews, we recommend you take these with a grain of salt. Both BizFilings and Rocket Lawyer maintain their A+ status with the Better Business Bureau and have helped massive armies of startups, families, individuals, and entrepreneurs.

Which Should You Choose?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseIn our honest opinion, we’d say it really depends on a number of key distinctions. If you’re looking for a great overall service with reasonable prices, BizFilings could be an excellent fit. But, if the packages from other competitors aren’t been fitting the bill,

Rocket Lawyer could be the perfect alternative and they provide access to legal professionals at discounted prices. Need more info? The links below will be immensely helpful. Cheers!

Visit Rocket Lawyer or Visit Bizfilings

You’re protected by a 100% money back guarantee