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BizFilings Business License REVIEW

A Reliable Service?

Bizfilings Business License Service ReviewDo you need to acquire permits and/or licenses for your new startup, but you aren’t familiar with all the finer federal, state and local rules and regulations? Trying to avoid the costs of hiring an attorney to help?

Don’t worry, these days there’s a buffet of companies willing to do most of the heavy lifting at much more affordable rates. BizFilings is one of them.

With BizFilings, you can sit back and relax, knowing you’ll receive the paperwork you need to comply with regulations at all levels of government. In this BizFilings business license service review, we’ll dive in and take a look at everything you get. Let’s dig in!

Quick Note: For a look at their LLC or Corporation formation services, bookmark our general BizFilings review.

BizFilings Business License Service Pros & Cons


  1. With 20 years of experience and an A+ rating as a BBB Accredited Business, BizFilings is a trustworthy partner and a legit operation that’s earned their place.

  2. The BizFilings website includes a wealth of information about business licensing, from basic discussions on what types of companies require special permits, to details about highly-regulated industries.

  3. Along with licensing services, their BizComply feature is incredibly valuable, which is a combination of their alert system, your company dashboard, and a library of downloadable/printable legal forms!

  4. At $99, BizFiling’s business license application package is right in line with market pricing.

  5. BizFilings offers an informative handbook (PDF) you can download for free on their Business License Application page. It’s a quick read, but filled with details regarding licensing complexity, best practices, etc.

  6. Before ordering, check out the BizFilings Business License Wizard. It’s a super-handy tool that figures out which licenses and permits might be applicable to your business.


  1. While the site does have lots of valuable info, isn’t exactly the sleekest web experience in the digital world. It’s perfectly functional, but just feels a bit dated.

BizFilings Business License Service Pricing

The goods news is that the BizFilings business license package is straightforward and simple to understand! With a couple other providers (who we shall not name), it gets a bit confusing. Basically, for one location you pay $99 and each additional license location in the same state is just $66. That’s it!

Bizfilings Business License Pricing

All you need to do is provide BizFilings with essential business info and they’ll take care of the rest, sending you all required licenses, permits and tax forms in one convenient PDF.

Quick FYI: They also have a sample application package that you can download and checkout.

BizFilings Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsDespite the fact they’ve been open for over two decades there aren’t many BizFilings customer reviews online, good or bad.

But, they do have an A+ score with the BBB, which is reassuring. Also, a lack of feedback in general is way better than a bunch of critical reviews. Here’s a quick sampling of the BizFilings reviews we could find:Bizfilings BBB Composite Score

“Just incorporated my first business. The process was easy and the incorporation itself took about 2 weeks. I was especially pleased with the final package they sent, which included a very helpful check mark list.” – Pierre L.

“The best thing about BizFilings is customer service…there was never a time I didn’t feel well taken care of.”  – Michael Thomas

How Does BizFilings Compare?

BizFilings Business License ComparisonOf course, they’re not the only business license service, so let’s take a quick look at two of their core competitors so you have a much more well-rounded view of your options.


  • IncFile offers a similar service to that of BizFilings, for the exact same price. Of course, any purchase from IncFile is backed up by their glowing customer reviews.
  • They have a fantastic 4.8 score out of 5 stars on ShopperApproved, with 1,300 five-star ratings and two one-stars. If customer reviews weigh heavily in your decision-making process, IncFile is definitely worth consideration.


  • Instead of just offering one level of service, CorpNet has three tiers of business license services, similar to how these companies package the incorporation process.
  • In addition to their base-rate $99 package, they’ll fill out your forms for an extra $100. They’ll even research and obtain all of your required licenses for you, for a case-specific rate.

At the end of the day, BizFilings, IncFile and CorpNet are all excellent options to satisfy your business licensing needs.

If we had to pick just one, we’d recommend IncFile. Thanks to their fantastic customer reviews along with their super-helpful Learning Center packed with info and handy deadline reminders, they’ve got a slight advantage over the competition. With IncFile, you’ll never miss an upcoming tax deadline or annual report requirement.


  • Pricing Starts at

  • 100,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone starting a business on a budget and need quick filing of their licenses

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  • Pricing Starts at

  • 300,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone looking for tried and tested Business License service with good value

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take?

BizFilings begins the license acquisition process as soon as they receive your payment. Turnaround times typically land in the 5-7 business day range. That’s pretty quick!

How Secure is BizFilings?

BizFilings takes your privacy seriously. Their site is protected by Norton Web Security, which continuously scans the site for malware while also encrypting your data. No worries here.

Should I Get an EIN?

For most of you, the answer is yes, because you need an Employer Identification Number to file business taxes. Also, you probably need one to open a business bank account. In general, we strongly recommend acquiring an EIN and BizFilings can take care of this for you.

What Comes in the Business License Package?

BizFilings will send you all the relevant documents relating to licensing of your business. This includes federal, state and local permits in one handy PDF.

Do They Offer Ongoing Support?

Not only do they offer ongoing support, they even warranty all of their services against filing defects for the life of your company. That’s very comforting.

Should You Use BizFilings?

In our opinion, BizFilings is a solid option for your business licensing needs. Their rates are fair, reputation strong, and all the information they provide free of charge is actually quite useful to new entrepreneurs (or experienced ones that don’t want to DIY the process).

If you’re ready to keep this process going, the links below will either take you directly to BizFilings so you can get started today, or browse our buyer’s guide to see what other options are out there!

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