BizFilings Annual Report Filing Review

Is It Best For You?

BizFilings Annual Report Filing Review

Are you required by your state to file an annual report, but you don’t want to deal with the DIY route? A company like BizFilings can handle your annual report for you, but how do you know they’re the best choice?

To complement your own research, my team and I studied the details of each major annual report filing service.

This BizFilings annual report filing service review has everything you need to know about their pros and cons, pricing, features, customer feedback and much more. Are they the right choice to help your business?

Pros & Cons of BizFilings

Pros of BizFilings

  • With BizFilings, the main thing I like is that every possible step of the annual report process is taken care of. They’ll track your filing deadlines, keep records of your compliance history, the works. The only thing you’ll need to do is give them some essential company info.
  • If your business operates in more than one state, BizFilings can make your life much easier. Monitoring multiple state filing times and meeting several sets of compliance requirements is no problem for them. In fact, multi-state annual report filings are their specialty.

Cons of BizFilings

  • BizFilings has a variable pricing model for annual report service, which means you’ll need to contact them for a quote. This also means you can’t order this service through their website, but rather need to call them and speak to a representative.
  • If customer reviews are important to you, they might not be the best option. Even though they’ve served hundreds of thousands of customers, there are only a few customer reviews for BizFilings, and no one has written a positive review since April 2011 (that I can see).

BizFilings Annual Report Filing Alternative

LegalZoom has the lowest price in the industry for annual report filing and a solid satisfaction guarantee. Read Review


BizFilings Annual Report Filing Pricing & Features

BizFilings doesn’t have a set price for their annual report service, so you’ll need to contact them for your estimate. You can either call them or fill out a form on their website.

Take a look at the info they request in this screengrab, then we’ll dive into the details.

BizFilings Annual Report Filing Pricing

Once you fill out that form, you barely need to do anything else at all. They keep track of your state deadlines, handle your actual report filing, maintain your compliance history, etc.

Not all businesses need this level of management with annual reports. However, if you have a specialized field, need multi-state filings, or you just don’t want to maintain a compliance calendar, they can save you lots of time and hassle. Of course, you could save a few bucks by hiring one of their competitors to simply file your annual report, but it’s hard to find a more convenient service than BizFilings.

Customer Reviews

It’s fair to say that customer feedback is not a selling point for BizFilings. I was only able to find 24 reviews online, and most of them are at least 5 years old.

From what I can see, the last time someone wrote a positive review of their services was April 2011. The good news here is that only a few customers have written negative reviews since then, so it’s not like there’s a bunch of critical feedback piling up either.

Customer Reviews Section Last Updated 11-2-17
  • Legal Spring: 3.4/5 out of 20 reviews
  • Yelp: 2.5/5 out of 3 reviews
  • BBB: A+ out of 1 review

Conclusion: It’s tough to analyze a small collection of outdated reviews. Their feedback isn’t likely swaying many people’s decisions one way or the other, to be honest.

How BizFilings Compares

After reviewing every popular annual report filing service, I’ve naturally developed some favorites. Of course, no one service is going to be the perfect answer for every business, and they each have their own advantages.

BizFilings is one of the top annual report filing services, but you should always be aware of what the competition has to offer. Let’s see how they compare to LegalZoom, another popular option.

Pricing: LegalZoom has a flat rate of $35 (plus state fee). While BizFilings does have variable pricing, I can definitely tell you that LegalZoom is cheaper.

Features: Compared to BizFilings, LegalZoom has a much more stripped down offering. They only file your report itself — they don’t track your due dates, maintain a compliance calendar, etc.

Customer Support: With LegalZoom, you’re getting the longest customer support hours in the entire industry. They’re available from 8am-10pm ET on weekdays, and 10am-8pm ET on weekends. BizFilings has pretty standard availability, from 9am-8pm ET Monday through Friday. Both companies staff their support team with helpful professionals, although they also both have reputations for being somewhat hit or miss with customer service.

Experience: BizFilings has plenty of experience, with hundreds of thousands of customers served since they opened in 1996. LegalZoom is on another level, as they’ve helped nearly 4 million clients since 1999.

Here's A Quick Visual



3 million+ customers served

Perfect for: Anyone needing an affordable & fast annual report filing


Pricing Vary

300,000+ customers served

Perfect for: Anyone looking for a service that offers automatic filing of annual reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I File My Own Annual Reports?

You do have that option, but I don’t recommend the DIY route to everyone. If you do want to file an annual report on your own, you’ll need to track your filing deadlines. On the other hand, you could hire a company like BizFilings and never have to deal with annual reports again. It’s up to you!

What’s Their Refund Policy?

If BizFilings makes any errors with your annual reports, they will either fix the problem or refund your money. Personally, I prefer the 100% satisfaction guarantees that some of their competitors provide, but this is clearly much better than nothing.

Is My Information Secure?

Long story short, yes. BizFilings protects their website using Norton Web Security, which encrypts data transmissions and defends against malware. It’s a really powerful security tool.

Does BizFilings Offer Ongoing Support?

Absolutely! Whether you started using their annual report service last week or last year, their support reps are willing and able to answer your questions.

Should You Use BizFilings?

In my opinion, BizFilings is worthy of a 4.2/5 score. I really do like how they handle every step of the annual report process, and their multi-state filings are top-notch (if you need them). That being said, if this doesn’t sound like you perfect fit, check out our Top 7 Accounting Software comparison. Cheers!